28 August 2018

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

TWH EVENTS : #PampersxLazadaph #SuperBrandDay

PAMPERS X LAZADA PH SUPER BRAND DAY from The Wonder Human on Vimeo.

At the Pampers #BabyMarathon Event with Omni&Bryce 
Being a mom of this generation definitely has its perks!  There are more brands (especially local ones) that are curated to fit our baby's needs, our lifestyle, and even our budget! But for disposable diapers, it has always been PAMPERS - the brand indubitably trusted by multiple generations.

From its Premium Care line (when Johahn was still a newborn) to Pampers Baby Dry (taped, and pants) now that he's a very active 9 month old!

I wholeheartedly agree with how it makes our kids explore, engage and play with ease. #lesslawlawgogalaw indeed :) Also putting emphasis on the RASH FREE bum, thighs and lower belly! *wink* 

Millennial Moms and Blogger Moms 

That's why I also said yes when I was invited to the #babymarathon event held yesterday, August 27!

 Pampers is the only brand I trust when it comes to disposable diapers. (We use cloth diapers too but I'm leaving that for another story) 

It was also an awesome get together with some moms I've made friends with, and new moms I know through instagram!


A 42-minute virtual #babymarathon and exclusive product offers await shoppers on Super Brand Day on August 29! 

Manila, August 20 – The Asian Games are here, bringing with them a flurry of excitement to fans all
over the continent! But while we expect the best athletes to show up, we keep overlooking the most
skilled players - our babies.

It’s no secret that babies are unstoppable at play. In fact, they can run the equivalent of a marathon in a week! The only thing hampering their fun: wet, lawlaw diapers.

To showcase our babies’ prowess, Southeast Asia’s biggest e-commerce portal Lazada and the
world’s top selling diaper brand Pampers, are joining hands to produce the first-ever virtual

This one-of-a-kind feat is part of the Pampers x Lazada Super Brand Day, which will take place on August 29. For one day only, Super Brand Day allows consumers to discover the best of what a brand offers, which includes exclusive gifts, limited offers and even offline experiences.

Be Part of the Record-Breaking #babymarathon

The 42-minute #babymarathon video montage, which will be aired on August 29, will feature
hundreds of babies and toddlers in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore, all
“running” in a relay race. In the final video, parents may even find their children racing alongside
Seve, son of Filipino celebrity and Pampers ambassador Toni Gonzaga.

Ready, get set, go!

All diapering babies aged 5 months and above are welcome to join Lazada and Pampers in creating this one-of-a-kind record! The virtual #babymarathon featuring the little athletes who joined across Southeast Asia will be aired on Lazada on Super Brand Day on 29 August.

You can join the fun in two ways –
1. Take a video of your baby walking, playing or running about in their Pampers diaper and post
it using this link, with the hastags #babymarathon and #PampersxLazadaPH

2. You can also join our professional crew at Gymboree Greenbelt 5 on August 27, 2018, to film your little one in action during the #babymarathon celebration.

Not all videos can be featured in the 42-minute video montage. But the most liked videos will win a
cash prize of PHP30,000 or 6-month supply of Pampers diapers.

Join a marathon of Pampers Deals on Lazada! 

To help babies enjoy their weekly marathons free from wetness and the discomfort of lawlaw diapers,
Pampers has put together a series of exclusive offers on 29 th August 2018:

Starting from 12am midnight, there are promotion offers up to 35% off on Pampers Baby Dry
Newborn Diapers and PHP100 discount vouchers for minimum PHP3000 purchases, which are
limited to a 1000 units only.

Lazada’s Group Chief Business Officer Robin Mah said:
 “We are proud to be partnering with unstoppable energy of babies while offering moms exclusive offers and delight. It is also a chance to spotlight their babies through fun experiences. ” Pampers, one of the world’s leading diapers brands for Super Brand Day to showcase the unstoppable energy of babies while offering moms exclusive offers and delight. It is also a chance to spotlight their babies through fun experiences. ”

Akhil Meshram, Pampers Philippines Brand Manager said:
“Pampers recognizes that one of mom and baby’s biggest frustration are sagging diapers, and how this can affect babies’ ability to move and learn from their surroundings. The #babymarathon is part of our My Baby Can Do That Campaign, where we hope to show how babies can do nakaka-WOW and amazing things when they have the freedom to move, especially in a less lawlaw diaper. Lazada, given its massive footprint across Southeast Asia is the ideal platform to amplify our efforts.”

For more information on Super Brand Day, visit Lazada.com.ph and its social media pages.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LazadaPhilippines
Instagram: https://instagram.com/lazadaph/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LazadaPH
For more information on Pampers, visit Pampers.ph and its social media pages.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PampersPh/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pampersph/

26 July 2018

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Letters to him | "We Can't Choose How We Are Loved"

love, couple, sunset image

We can't choose how we are loved.
But what we can do, is embrace every moment that we are. . . loved.

It seems easier to be chill about everything, going with the flow and just taking what life gives you one day at a time. But there's also a big difference to know, where we're headed.

I clearly remember what you told me when I was in Davao and we had an argument caused by my eagerness to talk to you after a long, tiring day. You said, "I will always want to work with you in making it better. It's not perfect, Bea but we're getting there. I'm here. I will always try to be better. " 

Hearing you say those words made my heart still, and comforted me from a distance.

And I so clearly remember as well how you told me in the car, that in your arms is where I should feel the safest. That I'm home, and right there, with you.

Last night went a little over board, I know. And I'm sorry. I hope you understand where all this is coming from. It took a while for me to 'come home' and though I'm not sure if you meant it literally when you said 'please come home na' but I took it as a reminder of that moment in the car. . . . . . I'm sorry it took a while. But I'm here. Now.

Every day I am learning how to embrace YOU, and the everything that comes along with it - your profession, your ways of expressing yourself, your ways of loving me, your temper, your habits, your quirks and all the things in between.

Know that while you are trying to be better, I also am.

Love is patient, love is kind. I guess those are the two things we've been learning for the past year. Patience - I do think we have lots and lots of this, though evident in our own ways... Kindness - we're moving out of that phase where 'how things are said leads to another argument'.

I've always believed that knowing God, is knowing love. Because He is love. But it's also a different story to know how we are loved by Him. And I'd like to believe we are learning that from each other. 

It matters to me a lot, this matters to me a lot.

and maybe missing you might mean not being able to suppress 'sadness' but that also means I really, really do. But I do know that the means of expressing will take work, and I'm getting there. Thank you for being patient with me in that sense. and I'm sorry if, in any way, it hurt you.

I love you. always.

Written : July 2015 

Read more letters here : http://www.thewonderhuman.com/search/label/Letters

31 May 2018

Thursday, May 31, 2018

MommyMundo #EXPOMOM 2018 : Best Buys on a 10K Budget

If you had a P10,000 ($200) gift check for a mom&baby shopping spree, what items would be on your hit list? 

Before I decide on any item to purchase, I geek-out for weeks or even months! Geeking out would mean intensive brand and research, instagram stalking, and a spreadsheet of pros and cons (with SRP included). I always do this to confidently answer the question WHY is it needed and wanted.

So here are my 7 WHYs of needs and wants, that justified my 10k purchase! Hey mama, you can use this to justify your shopping budget too *wink*

My Mommy Mundo Expomom 2018 Haul 
1. HANDS-FREE & PAIN-FREE BONDING with the lightest hip-seat carrier from Bebear (Aluminum variant)

I love wearing by baby! It's been a great bonding experience since day 1, and I'll continue to do so until he's too heavy for me.

I've been using our Baby K'Tan Active since Johahn was born because of the snug fit. Now that he's 7 months old and 10kg heavy, a hip-seat carrier is a must. 

There are a lot of brands out there, but I chose Bebear's Aluminum variant because it IS really the lightest hip seat carrier out there, and the foldable hipseat makes it a breeze to pack! It's perfect for the daily grind / baby's day out in a tropical country like ours.

2. FUN TEETHING & EARLY HYGIENE CARE with Matchstick Monkey 
This is a kickstarter project brought to life! I've been eyeing this matchstick monkey for a while now because it simply IS a teether AND toothbrush trainer in one! 

Update (june): Johahn loves his matchstick monkey! The design makes it easy to hold (and attach via bib-clip too). I'm starting

3. SAFE INTRO TO FRUITS with Kidsme's Food Feeder 
Perfect buy for my 6-month old! You'll find mesh types online, or even silicone types, but I chose Kidsme's because it has the biggest teat so far! The food feeder is shaped like a rocket, and has the color variant I want! :) Most of Johahn's feeding utensils are yellow-orange. Even most of his toys and his carrier! Soo, yes to matchy colors!

4. DIGITAL LIFESTYLE W/ PEACE OF MIND with the Fazzup anti-radiation mobile patch 
(this is really RJ's (www.angbuhaylokal.com) fault hahaha) My work and passion projects require me to be constantly online, and using my phone while breastfeeding or holding my baby is something that's been bothering me since he was born. 'Radiation' might not be as it was portrayed in the past decade, but I do know it's still there and the effects may or may not be directly felt YET. So thankfully, RJ convinced me I needed one because her migraine attacks were less frequent and weakened in intensity. POOF! Ok, I didn't need more proof and hey, I had 10k to spare so - no litany of explanations needed for my purchase! PEACE OF MIND is something I'd gladly spend for or invest in. Isn't that what we mothers want anyway?

5.  ESSENTIALS FOR INTERACTIVE PLAY with GeoMats from Bonjour Baby World 
Gone are the days of having multi-colored mats with removable letters / characters! I remember my sister's childhood days when it was sooo hassle  to keep returning the lose puzzle pieces! yadayaaaa... here's to minimalist colors AND endless options for designs and placements!

Rubber mats are really a must-have for worry-free parenting!

6.  TOYS FOR INTERACTIVE PLAY like Urbanmom's BBQ Dream Set 
This is for when he's old enough to play for interactive play. I just had to get it because stocks might not be the same years from now and it's a "BBQ GRILL!" I really looove urbanmom's selection of educational toys! (saving that for another post)

** HAPPY N' EASY SNACKING with Nosh Munchable Wafers! 
Went beyond the 10k for this! I'm going the homemade-baby-food route but it's also nice to have snacks on the go that are STILL all-natural. It's the berry-pomegranate combo's fault!

All items above were handpicked and carefully chosen by me, after weeks and even months of thorough research and instagram stalking. I usually prepare for expos (saving my tips for another blog), and it was just timely and truly a pleasant surprise blessing from the Lord that I won the grand prize (10K Shopping Spree) from MommyMundo's #mompowerment contest series.

Here's my winning entry :

I have so much dreams for my son... That he grows up to be a man after God’s heart - one who loves Him first so he can love others better; . a man slow to anger, and is quick to forgive; . a man humble enough to say sorry when he is wrong, and brave enough to stand for what is true and right; . a man of compassion, kindness, gratitude; . a man of integrity, wisdom and strength that comes from the Lord . ...and whenever I pray over him at night, I am reminded of the truth that I cannot teach him what I am not, because children learn best by example. I also cannot give him what I don’t have, and I cannot receive from him what I don’t know of. . I always look back at that mindset whenever I feel emotionally compromised, and when I get triggered by past memories that make me feel “i just can’t mom”. Because physical strength comes naturally when we become mothers. But the state of our hearts, is what makes us become the mother we want / don’t want to be. . *** “Guard your heart for it affects everything that you do” *** . These photos are puzzle pieces to my testimony of strength. . I conquered my pregnancy ( the whirlwind of emotions, the slope downhill, unfavorable and painful circumstances) and survived the first few months with my newborn (my fears, doubts, and worries) through Christ alone. He saved me from myself, He saved me from the things that could’ve destroyed my heart. . That’s why now, I am continuously striving to guard my heart and become God’s vessel of love to my son through words, thoughts and actions. . My son is a constant reminder that I am capable of loving unconditionally, and in many ways I didn’t think were possible. Being able to hold him, feed him, and pump milk for him, are special ways I could love him now. . This coming mother’s day, I’ll be celebrating God’s precious gift to me : He chose me to be Johahn’s mother - the greatest privilege I would honor to uphold for as long as I live. #mompowerment #mommymundo #expomom2018 @mommymundo
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29 May 2018

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Caring Cup Project : Where My Weary Soul Found Rest

Being a first-time mom who's also working full-time, I was emotionally and physically struggling to make ends meet and keep myself together. 

I was in search for solitude. I was yearning to find answers to questions deeply rooted in the desires of my heart. I needed a break. I needed to let God speak to me through other people because I couldn't do it alone anymore. 

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's "MomMe Time" Event was the perfect retreat I needed, and everything was indeed orchestrated by the Lord to answer my prayers.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s MomMe Time (caringcup project with Soul Spa) from The Wonder Human on Vimeo.

5 Beautiful Ways God Spoke to My Heart : 

1. His Letter to Me (given during the "Love Yourself" session) 
I've read this letter so many times before, that's why it was a very emotional moment to have read it again. The letter reminded me of all His promises, His loving affirmations, and thoughts about me. Reading it again made me feel loved, and calmed my spirit - despite the hurt, doubt, fears, and worries I brought with me that day. Sharing it with you, with hopes that it would bless you too. (you can download the file here)  

2. Through Fellowship with Other Moms 
I was 10mins late, and the timing couldn't have been better because I was seated where God intended me to so I could meet three women who helped calm my storm. Wonderful names I'll really remember - Alona, Brenda, and Liza. I also met Farrah in the regrouping session, who had her own story of admirable strength. And though we were of different ages, we all shared the heartache and glory of motherhood. 

3. A Glimpse of My Aspirations  
Bits and pieces of who I am aspiring to become someday are there - 
  • Marjorie, who wrote a book as God's way of speaking to the hearts of women 
  • Mariane, who left her corporate career and is now a lifecoach and a public speaker, covering purpose and passion. She wrote a book as well! 
  • Kat, who allowed God to write her love story; and is a visual artist doing what she loves 
I couldn't stop thanking God with how amazing He planned and timed this moment. He showed me what the deepest desires of my heart would look like, and more importantly - laid out a clear path as to HOW I could get there. 

4. Answering the Worksheets / Prompts  
Sometimes we do not really know what we know until we write them down, that's why I keep a journal, a planner, and this blog (of course). We had a few prompts we had to answer, and it was where I rediscovered my passion and purpose. It's the "deep dive", the "drill down", and "zoom in" of all the big picture of my dreams. 

5. The Watercolor Session AND Interpretation 
When Kat said, "I can interpret strokes, the choice of color. . . " , I was definitely excited to have mine read through. I initially planned on just one gold ripple (representing my passion for teaching and making an impact), but somewhere in between I ended up allowing myself to flow and just be. I had a different explanation for my symbols, but she magnificently interpreted my painting as if she knew me. That was where I really felt that God was speaking to me. "You have so much responsibilities and roles. But it's ok to say no. They will still love you. You're great at what you do. You know it. You give it all, when you share yourself. Yes, it's ok to say no." 


I went home with a heart so full and overflowing with God's grace and love. There were a lot of things I had to unlearn, and relearn - like how I am loved by God, my Ikigai, the things I am truly passionate about, and to just say YES. DO IT. START PLANTING. NOW.


1. Be thankful even when it is difficult.
2. Say YES to Rest.
3. I need to believe God's promises, not my thoughts and feelings. Let your mind work wonders.
4. Invest in your gifts. When you don't use it, you'll lose it.
5. Do not passively comply and inwardly resent
6. God turns chaos into order.
7. Say a thousand "no's", and give way to the best YES.
8. "Bless this person more, and then bless me NEXT".

I'll make it a goal to have personal reflections, and concrete action steps taken, from being guided by these 8 messages as I course through the remaining months before I turn twenty-six. Yes, one of each!  I'll treat it like an advance birthday gift to myself. 

THANK YOU, CBTL Community, for having events that touch hearts, and change lives.


I sent a long and desperate email, and was surprised to receive a genuine and favorable response that gave way to the above experience :)

Here's my email : 

Hello CBTL Community! 

Your MomMe Time event might just be the retreat I’ve been needing after a few weeks of stuggling with my post partum phase. 

I’m a first-time mom, who gave birth to a wonderful baby boy last November 2017. Before he was born, I was boldly pursuing my corporate career while setting aside my passion projects. But since I started going back to work, the immense desire to stay and take care of him just grew by the day. It got harder, to the point that I fell into weeks of depression. At the same time, I have this immense desire to be a stay at home mom while I finally pursue my passion projects. I’m still in the process of planning it all through but a breather is what I really need at the moment. 

I am hoping to be one of the few you’d bless to be part of your event. I feel it would be a safe place to learn and reignite my passion, come in fellowship with other moms, and also find joy in a playful release of positive energy through the watercolor session. All the more is it made perfect because of coffee / tea. 

Looking forward to hear from you, whatever the verdict.

Thank you very much and God bless! 

Keep sharing your warmth, 


12 February 2018

Monday, February 12, 2018

PURSUIT MANILA : A Community of All Things Lovely

"This is your safe place", Rhiza said. And from there I just knew that finally found a place to belong.

I've waited so long for this, and when I arrived all I could say was "FINALLY, FINALLY. . . I'M HERE.".

Back in 2016, I chanced upon a photo that encapsulated my teenage daydreams - warm, pretty lights; arms stretched high; letters and ___, and music. I stalked further, and found out that PURSUIT MANILA, is a community of WOMEN, who share the same faith. WOMEN, who are driven by that faith, to create and inspire and just be. WOMEN, who love Christ above all things, and are sharing that love to the world through their passion, abilities, and businesses. WOMEN, who worship together, pray together and for each other, inspire and encourage one another.

I wanted to be part of that.

I wanted to belong to a community like that.

This pink rose brought a smile to my heart.
It's as if Jesus himself is telling me that pretty things and
sweet gestures like this need not come from a man.   
It was something I had been longing for since 2013 - the year I rediscovered my relationship with Christ, the year I first finished the "Purpose Driven Life", the year I made a commitment to be woman after His own heart. In my journey, it was hard to be alone. Yes, I had my sister, I had church mates, but there was still that missing piece of "belonging".

Fast forward to this year, I still haven't seen any updates from their instagram account about when the next gathering would be. But just last Friday, I received a facebook group invite from Rhiza herself (Rhiza Oyos is the founder of Pursuit Manila) and that to me was God Himself moving! Perhaps my name was familiar because of my Lettergram purchase? In any case, she invited me on a Friday, of all days! I was having a terrible week, a heavy heart full of pain and resentment, and I was crying when the facebook notification popped up! AMAZING GOD! The wonders didn't just end there - I think they had only 2 slots left and I wasn't sure I'd get one but I registered anyway. It didn't take long for Karen to send a message about the event's reminders! WOW. Just wow!

My long awaited moment finally came! All mixed feelings especially because I came in a little late, but the timing couldn't have been more perfect because of where I was seated. I was blessed to have met four ladies I could call my spiritual sisters - Janna, Issa, Grace, and Gail. Everyone's story was a tug in the heart, and what pulled strings was how they responded to mine. It was definitely not by chance that I sat with them, and I really felt that God spoke to my heart through them. Thank you.

It was an afternoon of all things lovely - a beautiful welcome gift basket filled with works of heart,  a long festive table with pots of flowers and passion cards, mood lifting lights, decore with a scandi flare, an amazing dessert table, singing in praise and learning from Joanna, romantic sax instrumentals, Madz' sharing, and of course every woman in the room who is a living testimony of His grace.

Take Aways :
"We cannot give what we don't have".
It's a gift basket filled with wonder!
This made my heart giddy <3 
No matter how many times I've heard it, it's still challenging to keep myself focused on how He loves me, and how His love never runs out, how His love never fails. It is indeed true, in its most literal sense. We can't give someone a cupcake if we didn't even buy one, can we? But His love, His love is free even if we don't deserve it. His love doesn't have to be bought, or earned! Until we really, really let Him love us, our love tanks will run empty.

But as flawed as I am, I tend to love on my own strength and think it's "EVERYTHING" I could give and then blame other people for falling short of how they love me. I am still a work in progress, and I guess my challenge is to completely allow God to love the people I love, THROUGH ME, and ALLOW MYSELF TO BE LOVED BY THEM. "We cannot receive what we don't want". More about that in a different post.

One great piece of advice that I kept so dear was to "communicate my love language", and also listen to theirs. It made me see things in a different light, and believe all the more that I shouldn't give up no matter how hard things are. I won't. I won't.

Perhaps this time, I will love not with my strength, but with God's. 
I will love not with my own version of love, but with the only true version of the real source, who is love himself. I will love, because He first loved us. 

Love, TWH 

<scroll through as you please>

I'm a lover of all things handmade (and local!) 
Especially if they're made from the heart <3 

31 January 2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Kiss Those Little Feet

Baby Feet

I'll kiss those little feet, while they're tiny enough to hold,
I'll kiss those little feet, while they still fit in the palm of my hands,
I'll kiss those little feet, while they're vulnerable and cold,
I'll kiss those little feet, while they're too small for you to stand

I'll kiss those little feet, even if you're tired and sleeping,
I'll kiss those little feet, even if playtime made you soiled and dirty,
I'll kiss those little feet, even if you say "no no no" and keep laughing,
I'll kiss those little feet, even if you get conscious of it being smelly,

I'll kiss those little feet, that will always be little to me,
I'll kiss those little feet, until I can't . . .

19 January 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018

I Dreamed a Dream and Time Gone By

There are people who haven't figured out what they really want in life yet, while there are those who are passionate about their dreams, and desires of their hearts, but are nowhere near them because 'life happened'. 

Dream Catcher
This beautiful image is from here

Both cases are depressing, and it almost feels as if time is running short, if not lost. It forces you to battle questions of self-worth, tricks you into losing self-esteem, and makes you want to abandon all hope. I know, because I've been there, and I'm still here - 

Five years ago, before graduating from college, I painted a vivid picture of myself - where I'd be, the milestones I'd achieve, and the things I will have had experienced, by the time I'm 25. Here's what I wrote - 
In 2018, I will have been a manager, earning P100K (or $2,000) net monthly; ready to resign in 2019 to focus on and grow my small businesses. I will have been engaged to the love of my life, and in the process of planning our wedding. I will have traveled to Europe and write about my (mis)adventures in finding quaint and rustic cafes,  I will have become an inspirational blogger, with a 100K + reach, who shares Jesus to the world through her experiences as a wife, mother, and as a woman after His own heart. 
It's 2018, and I haven't even crossed a single milestone in its exact form. I bet most of us haven't, despite the facade of #goals everywhere. But in one way or another - we're still here. We've survived the storms, we're gracing through life's disarray, and we're alive and breathing, and that's enough for now. To live, in the now. To really, really live. . .


In the process of braving through the storm, I've learned that to live, doesn't mean "to achieve" or "to have". If it were, then I will only be measured by achievements, experiences, and possessions.  For me, to live is "TO BE". We hear it like a mixed tape of many versions - BE the best version of yourself, BE <insert adjective> + -er, BE something. It's a paradox that perhaps, only a few would accept even if they don't understand.

Having this mindset made me unfurl my fingers and release myself from all the "Should be's" and "Must have's" that steal my present joy away. It made me start the process of letting go of the remnants of the past that constantly hurt me when I think about them, because I know that living in the past will only make me bitter, vengeful, and filled with resentment. It is through the storm that I discovered who I wanted to be - "A pursuer and doer of faith. Grateful and Happy. Gentle with choice of words and tone. Slow to Anger. Quick to forgive. and BE MORE LOVING." It serves as my heart's compass through out the journey, but more like a blueprint of what matters at the end of the day regardless of where I am in my dream board.
My case : I had this bad habit of zooming in on things that "aren't" happening the way I want them to, and then go the round about of sulking, being easily irritated, and then harboring self-hate for even wanting "such things" to happen. It came to a point where I admitted to myself that "I wasn't happy". After months of prayer, meditation, and reading through articles good for the soul, I learned that happiness comes from a grateful heart. If only I focused on the things that went right, what is good, what is pleasing; perhaps my blessings and provisions for the day, and be grateful for them, I'd be happy. But I wasn't. This realization prompted me to learn how to be "GRATEFUL", so I'd be happy. It materialized as I wrote 3 things to be grateful for everyday, and saying "thank you" often. I've tested it a few times (more about it in a different post) and it is indeed true, that what you give out - the universe throws back at you! 
The case of delayed dreams : You're sad now, because you haven't achieved x yet. But why can't you be happy now, in the process of achieving x? You see, the -er comes after the base. The "best", only comes after the -er. Be happy now, set milestones you can mark to be happier, and probably be at your happiest when you've finally done the big thing.  
More than what we "achieve" or "have", it's all about "who we become" in the process -
when things aren't going our way, when everything blows up and hits rock bottom, when the unexpected catches us off guard, when prayers are delayed or not even answered, when God is silent to our cries; all the more when we are living a life of abundance, when the perfect time for His best arrives, and when He says yes or gives us more than what we've asked for.

The duration of the process is always a mystery, but like most wall quotes say "TRUST THE PROCESS". Flowers start as seedlings, there's autumn before winter, there's a whole bunch of ingredients, baking and frosting before a feisty cake becomes drool-worthy :p

Regardless of our age, it's never too late to "BE WHO WE WANT TO BE".
And as for the deepest desires of our hearts? Our wildest, biggest dreams?
We'll get there. One day at a time. One step at a time.

May our journey be filled with wonder :)
Wondering @2AM ,
Bea Patricia

09 September 2017

Saturday, September 09, 2017

21 Lessons My Pregnancy Taught Me

Lessons beautifully captured by these maternity photos

Lessons My Pregnancy Taught Me - JOY
J O Y  | 21 Lessons My Pregnancy Taught Me
1 - JOY 
It's cliche, but happiness is really a choice. I've had to unlearn, and relearn this so many times. It's a matter of "do I want to prove mysef right, or do I want to be happy?", "do I let this emotion linger longer than it should and steal precious time away, or do I let go and make the most out of the moment?".

The hardest decisions require maturity and a strong emotional compass. So is chosing joy, choosing love, everyday, always.

I came to understand that my own happiness was a choice, so I made a promise to myself to keep my own well-being sacred.

The things happening around you won’t always bring you happiness. But you can always choose joy, and Jesus will give it to you.

We must be honest with others about our sadness. We must pick each other up from this sadness and throw each other into joy. But we must not put our sadness on a pedastal, wallowing in it like there’s no light in sight. Afterall, joy comes after sadness. We all have to remember that - Marc Phun

Pregnancy Photo Inspiration
DREAMS && DESIRES | 21 Lessons My
Pregnancy Taught me
God knows what you want.

More importantly, God knows what you need. Sometimes these two things are the same, and sometimes they are different. But trust me when I say what ever He has planned for you will exceed what you had in mind.

The sun is perfect and you woke this morning. You have enough language in your mouth to be understood. You have a name, and someone wants to call it. Five fingers on your hand and someone wants to hold it. If we just start there, every beautiful thing that has and will ever exist is possible. If we start there, everything, for a moment, is right in the world." - Warsan Shir 

"Because if His Word abides in us, our desires are going to be consistent with His will." - Bayless Conley

From God to me : "Beloved, dream big dreams. many of your dreams are my dreams for your life. I share your excitement for the future and I have big plans for you. I have held them in my heart since before you were born. I want to see them become a reality as much as you do. Trust me to fulfill my plans for your life. I have a path in mind for you to follow. Trust and follow me on your journey. With me, all things are possible. only believe!" - your Father 


TIME && SEASONS | 21 Lessons My
Pregnancy Taught Me
God has a perfect timing for everything. Learn to wait on Him. This brings Him honor, and it brings you peace. Psalm 27:14

When the time is right, I the Lord will make it happen. - Isaiah 60:22

Never give up. Great things take time. 
Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit; resign yourself to the influence of the earth. -Henry Thoreau

Sometimes we have to be present in the things we do, to feel the pain and reflect on the joy. To laugh and contemplate, to experience it all in silence. Sometimes we have to process it all in order to live now, this world is always moving, don’t let life move the moments that matter into simple memories before you have a chance to enjoy it completly. Learn to be before you start wishing to be somewhere else.” - T.B. LaBerge

If God rushed and gave you every Blessing all at once, it wouldn’t be perfect. Good things take time. Be patient, keep your Faith. 


Watch this video for a sneak peak -------------

23 July 2017

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hello, Wonder Human!

Yes YOU.

Of a million sites and gazillion whereabouts, you're here! And I believe it's not an accident.  Nothing is ever an accident. Everything has a purpose.

The Wonder Human, celebrates just that - living a life of purpose, and wonder, in ALL circumstances.

Here at TWH

You may freely wonder as your life's role at the moment. Feel free to stroll along the nostalgic lane of the past, or tickle your buds of curiosity about the future.


You may wonder about a lot things in the universe, but TWH focuses on things that matter.

Wonder About . . .   G O D  |  L O V E  |  F A M I L Y  |  R E L A T I O N S H I P S  |  T I M E / D E L A Y S  |  F I N A N C E S  |  H E A L T H  |  D R E A M S  |  W H A T S N E W

There is always a state of wonder, that can be lifechanging and character shaping. Thus, TWH creates a light of 'wonder' even at the most odd, and painful circumstances,

While you are . . .   W A I T I N G  |  W O R R I E D  |  P R A Y I N G  |  A N G R Y  |  D I S A P P O I N T E D  |  S C A R E D  |  C O N F U S E D  |  I N P A I N  |  D O U B T I N G  | 


Life's full of surprises, and just like a child we are delighted with the simplest of things that bring us joy. In this cluttered world, one may find escape and sweet solace inside this -

Box of Wonder . . .  P R O S E N' P O E T R Y  |  L O V E N O T E S  |  L E T T E R S  |  H A P P Y P I L L S  |  P A S S I O N  |  M E M O R Y L A N E  |  R E V I E W S  | 


TWH has different seasons as well, thus the constantly changing S T A T E O F W O N D E R  

This blog is formerly "Beapatricia.com", and a whole lot of names in the years (and a decade) prior. But I've come to realize the purpose of my life along the way. . . and of all truths, this is what stands out : "IT'S NOT ABOUT ME. It never was, and it never will be".

So for now, here at TWH, hopefully, it'll be more about you.

And at the end of every story, I pray you share the same thought : That it's all about HIM. 

14 October 2016

Friday, October 14, 2016

Go Now

Have you ever had really big dreams that involve people you love, people who really matter? Have you ever had beautiful dreams for yourself too, that the very moment you start talking about them, your eyes exude so much wonder as if they have already come to pass? And. . . have you ever been in a valley of hopelessness and despair, because of how life's awful truths seemed to have shattered these dreams and the mountain top is nothing but a view from where you stand?

I've held such beautiful, and wild dreams close to my heart, but I (most often than not) lose sight of them and drown once the waves of reality swallow me in.

But through God's grace, here I am. Here I am again - making another attempt, treating my nth chance as if it were the last, living my day as if it were the last.

It took me a few months to break, a few more days to feel it, and a few days to get back on track because it all makes perfect sense all the more to have all combined elements take form. God is indeed at work!

(via Pinterest)
My Mom. My Sister. My Dad. 

One Sunday afternoon, I caught here reading a book in bed. She was so still, and so beautiful, but very, very thin. Of course I knew why, but it broke my heart to have completely noticed the drastic weight loss. I just stared at her and I wanted to cry from where I stood, but it took everything in me to hold back just kiss her. I went back to my room, wrote on my journal, and cried like a baby. 

From that moment on, I set her smiling photo as my wallpaper so I am frequently reminded of my dreams. She deserves the best! She deserves the best. 

I was watching the video of their pre-production journey and I saw him in a few clips. Something to be proud of, definitely. But seeing him scorched in heat, far from us, and thinking about how his knees might hurt sometimes, and moments he might be extra kind to people who might have the tendency to abuse and take him for granted - again, my heart broke. He should be retiring soon, but no. He is still working for the family's sake. 

Just the other day, he was back from that trip and he embraced me so tight and kissed me like he always did when I was a little girl. I wanted to cry, but I had to be strong. What I saw from the clip, and this gesture he did - they are on constant replay on my mind. 

Little Sister. 
Just today, we were talking about her week, about school, about sisterly things, until she mentioned that her feet is swollen, and there are bruises and red marks of her wounded little toes.  I felt so powerless, and defeated. Her toes screamed my failure, and I badly wanted to cry. But again, the third time, I had to hold back and take heart. 

Seeing shoes, seeing little toes, is like recreating this heartbreaking moment with my sister, again, and again, and again. 

All three of them, three of the most important people in my life. Three people I have sworn to take good care of, three people who deserve all the best things in life. 

"A triple braid cord is tough to break" - God has arranged the sequence of discoveries in such a way that it would now make me unbreakable, and extremely fueled. 

Enough of despair, enough of hopelessness. No dream is too big for our God! He always answers with what is best - a no, a not yet, or a yes - in His perfect time. For now, I am a work in progress just as these dreams in my heart. 

"What we think, we become." 

I am victorious. I am a daughter of the King. I am a woman after His own heart. I am God's powerful champion. Because I am blessed, I will bless the world in Jesus' name. AMEN. 

So go now. . . and work for the life you are meant to live, work for the things you have always wanted to give, live more for love, and love more to live. 

// May this be your prayer too.

Praying for you,

19 August 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Cold Brew

The coffee's getting cold and I'm getting a little too old for melancholic musings, but here I am, breaking the chain of not blogging because my time is consumed mostly by vaguely essential cut through's.

I remember how vibrant my dreams were some years ago. . .

Even before the dawn of artsy photos of journals, books and coffee, I already saw myself right there at the corner of the cafe by the window pane, mindlessly writing about well kept memories on my journal, right across an earthy mug of iced vanilla caramel macchiato, beside a pile of notebooks and disarrayed pens and nibs. Yes, I even saw myself blogging and writing for a living.

Even before the dawn of 'wanderlust' I already saw myself traveling to different places across the globe only to immerse myself in God's wonderful creation, embrace different cultures, and leave fragments of my soul in every stop, in exchange for pieces that will re-create the woman that I am. Yes, I even saw myself as a happy travelr

Even before the dawn of artisan cafes here and there I already saw myself searching for the quaintest coffee shops here and around the world to spoil myself with its interiors and indulge in hand-crafted beverages I'd be adding to my coffee journal. Yes, I even saw myself hailed as the most trusted coffee connoisseur.

I dreamed a dream.
Until now, they remain as is.
and it breaks my heart.

04 July 2016

Monday, July 04, 2016

It's Always Darkest Before Dawn

"Even the darkest night will end, and the (Son) will rise." 

I tag 2015 to the first half of 2016 as the "dark ages" of my life. There were good chapters of course, and I've had series of the best ones, with victories and milestones I could giddily count on-stage, but the backstage I call 'home' was a whirlwind of rock-bottom moments, anger, fear and helplessness. Things got worse in almost every aspect, and since my tito passed away, things got worst. 

No matter how I tried magnifying the love in my heart, my dreams, my good intentions, my plans, my enthusiasm and deepest desires - the emotional turmoil, the heart strain, and the build-up of the weight on my shoulders became so crippling that I grew so desperate to throw in the towel. Hence, my prayer turned from "Lord, why... how do I do this, how do I make it through?" into "GOD, I finally surrender. I believe you have a plan. . . but for now, I'm casting everything to you. I surrender." 
My heart-felt and complete surrender was probably what God needed to start revealing His plans for my life. Perhaps, when we tell Him we are tired and we surrender, He then carries us - hence, we see only One set of footprints on the sand. 
Little did I know that meeting under the stars at a Cafe called "MARY GRACE", I would revisit a four-year-due opportunity. It's no accident too, that it is strikingly my mother's name. From that moment I knew that the perfect time has come. . . 

I said yes, remembering that "FAITH IS THE ESSENCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR AND THE EVIDENCE OF THINGS UNSEEN". After all, Desperate times need BOLD, AND BRAVE MEASURES. Not desperate measures. 

And again, and again, and again, I live by this : "Everything is made beautiful in His time". God is never too late, or too early.

It's been a week since. . . and today, I declare I will conquer this week and the weeks to come! 
It's only the beginning. . . 
Pray for me, will you please? :) My sincerest thanks. 

"...there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning." - Psalm 30:5 

My dawn has come. My time has come. 
#paraSaPamilya #paraSaPangarap 

From Golden Sunshine to Blue Galaxies . . . 
One day at a time, one step at a time. 


The Wonder Human

To be human has its complexities and frailties. It almost feels natural to succumb to life's struggles and disarray, that we tend to forget how God has made us to be filled with wonder. . . and this blog aims to create vivid reminders of what we should never lose, what we should continually celebrate, what we should seek, in every musing, experience, milestone, chapter, and blessing. More about me HERE

Psalms 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Job 5:9 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.

Psalm 71:17 Since my youth, God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.


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