Little Girl, I say to you, Get Up! #BESTWEEKENDEVER2022

taking her by the hand, He said “Talitha Koum!” (Little girl, I say to you, get up!) Mark 5:41 ~ and today June 12, 2022 I finally did!


Like most of people I know, I was baptized in my first year of life. I grew up in a home that strictly followed rituals and traditions, not missing activities and places that were marked sacred. I seemingly knew every song and response, aced exams about bible stories, and memorized prayers. I was taught at home and even at school to be good and do good, because I will be measured by them someday. I thought all of these were required, and the only means to reach the Lord. It was good enough, it was GOOD that my MIND knows Him by name. And sometimes, “good” is where He meets us.

In 2005, my lola brought me to a church in broadway - “Word of Grace” Christian Fellowship. This was where I first cried in disbelief and overflowing joy that there was a BETTER way to pray and worship, BETTER ways to call Him, and even a better way to sing praise! (hillsong 00s kids where u at?) because for the first time in foreverrr, especially through music, I felt His love. I felt Him near. I felt seen, accepted and fully known by Him. I was baptized in Spirit, as if really brought to life by being born again! During my lola’s water baptism, I wanted to be baptized too but I was afraid of my mom’s rage (we’d always argue about the “rock” worship songs I played at home, what more being baptized?) and so, I heeded my youth leader’s advice to obey, and honor my parents. I eventually ended the “secret” relationship me and my lola had with the church, and bid farewell to my youth bandmates. It was enough to have experienced BETTER because BETTER is when I first fell in love with Jesus, and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. Better is when we feel how He is turning our HEART of stone into a heart of flesh. BETTER is when He first calls us.

I started blogging soon after, as my way of talking to the Lord (couldnt keep my “diaries” unread at
home). In 2011, I was a blog follower of teachwithjoy who wrote so much about the Lord’s work in her womanhood - marriage and family life. This made me desire going to the same church to learn about all these but sadly I only knew routes to school/home. After years of wandering and being self dependent via christian music/youtube snippets of Sunday service, life’s troubles (and sin’s consequences) brought me to dark seasons in 2017 where I painstakingly asked so many “WHYs“. In 2019, I was defeated by clinical depression, that I had to be confined for 30days (read about it here ) It was through treatment (induced sleep + food just like Elijah) and isolation that I found myself calling and singing to Him again. When all seemed well and healing, I had the worst relapse in 2020 during the pandemic, and without my psychiatrist I was desperate to find refuge. This was when I consulted CCF online for help.

As advised, I made a smallgroups account, searched for “coffee” and immediately joined the group “Women of Grace”. (ang galing ni Lord talaga no? 2005 my first church was Word of Grace, tapos dgroup name namin Women of Grace tapos “meets at coffee bean and tea leaf podium” pa talaga!). Fast forward to this day, it’s been 2 years of having the BEST means to truly know Him through His Word - day by day, moment by moment. I have the BEST kind of sisterhood my teenage heart once longed for, and I am finally in the best place to grow, and truly “become”

In tears right before I was baptized, I told Pastor Ickhoy I’ve waited 17years for this!!! :'(( And when asked all the way to serving Him, aaaaaahh BEST YES EVER! And the time, the place, the people surrounding me - this is what it looks like when it’s God’s BEST!
Good - is where He meets us, and when our MIND knows Him by name.
Better - is when our HEART falls in love with Him for the first time, and when He calls us by name.
Best - is when our BODIES are really crucified im Christ, being born again in Spirit, and publicly declaring our faith and commitment to follow Him!

Oh, the BEST only happens when we say YES fully, completely, irrevocably, to Him!

Here I am, I surrender - YES to All IN, ALL OUT, ALL FOR JESUS

PS : I’ve been posting this photo for years now, but last June 12, it came to life!! aaaaaah incandescent joy :') From being drawn out of waters in my season of sinking seep, walking on water in my journey of faith, to being drawn out again as a symbol of my YES, to God’s BEST - Jesus, our One True life and true love. 🤍