3 of 30 : Mirror, Mirror

Day 3 of 30 : “What do you see when you look into the mirror?”

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall - who's the fairest of them all? 
If what's most essential is invisible to the eye, why am I being measured according to how my body looks, how I dress, how much I earn, how much I can give?

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall - who's most worthy of them all? 
If a person's worth is defined by the amount of love, compassion and wisdom he/she radiates, why I am I painfully hard-pounded to fit their own definition of success to be deemed "worthy"?

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall - 
I see an apologetic soul yearning to be appreciated for who she is, and what she does right -
and not lambasted for who she is not, and what she does wrong.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall - 
I see an angry little girl wanting to be understood for how her thoughts and feelings are conveyed -
and not condemned for even thinking, and feeling that way.

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall - 
I see a lost and hurting child wanting to be found, wanting to be home.

Mirror, Mirror, when I look away - 
I see the universe conspiring to make my wildest, and biggest dreams, come true
I see the radiant smiles of people whose hearts I've touched
I see the beauty of seasons, the glory of sunrise and sunset, and feel blessed by the most High
I see the purpose of how God's timing works, in all things

Mirror, Mirror, when I look away - 
I see how capable I am of changing the world with my passion
I see how my strength is made perfect in weakness through Him,
I see how life is isn't a race to the top, but rather meant to be lived
I see how love really is, how love grows, and how love endures

Mirror, Mirror, break your spell 
Don't let the world stain you and steal what is genuine, and true

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