☆ The Wonder Human

Hi, my name is Bea Patricia.

My mother, has given me a very beautiful name I wish to live by.

BEA means "voyager through life", while PATRICIA means "noble, queenly".

The story of how it all began :  "a noble work of heart" - writing and shaping my heart after His. . .

♢ 2005 - 2013
From one blog to another - Xanga, livejournal, wordpress, and blogger (finally) - my cyber space was a mixture of all sorts, to cater to a whirlwind of emotions and experiences in my early teens. This blog became a self-centered, public journal of a teenager who was still starting to know Christ.

♢ 2014 - 2016
Redefined how I shared my thoughts to the universe. This blog started focusing on the daily events that bring about thoughts to ponder on, emotions I need to understand and feel, challenges that allow me to deepen my faith in God, explore my vulnerabilities, and renew myself every day, as I grow to become the woman the Lord has created me to be.

I wanted to make writing a habit, instead of a hobby; a passion, instead of mere fancy; a venue for self-discovery, instead of self-expression; a means to share the love and joy in my heart through God's grace, to bless others.

♢ 2017
The birth of "the wonder human" 

For almost a year of trying to revamp my blog, I've been seeking for a name that strips off my "self" in all things I write. Rather than looking like a 'journal entry' or a 'personal blog', this would be a collection of relatable notes, that aims to make His presence and wonders known.

I chose wonder, because of what it simply means. It is being "child-like" - slow to anger and quick to forgive; kind and compassionate; easy to love and loves unconditionally; and most of all,  one who is easily amazed, and always curious. Amidst human frailties and experiences, we can always choose to seek wonder, wonder, and simply be consumed by it.

noun - a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.
verb - desire or be curious to know something. To marvel, or be amazed by; 


I was once a girl who used to write because of -

dreams long- yearned for but have not yet come to pass,
unwritten songs and left over poetry,
how the world is treating her and how she thinks of the world,
bewildering images of her fears, worries and doubts,
scattered thoughts and a flight of emotions,
so many questions, and unanswered prayers,
how circumstances are at the moment,
what she sees lacking, what she thinks should be,
scars and fragments of a painful past

Through God's grace, I am learning, I am growing, to be
more of the woman I am writing about -

who will finish victoriously despite how her story began,
who is bold and brave to be still herself in this harsh world,
who looks for a ray of light in unfavorable circumstances,
who still nurtures the little girl inside her heart that appreciates the simple things in life,
who constantly strives to be the woman God has intended her to be,
who is vulnerable enough to let love in and strong enough to let love go when it walks out,
who is confident with her God-given abilities because it will help her fulfill His purpose,
who laughs without fear of the future because she trusts the One who holds it,
who is beautiful not for how the world sees her, but for how she sees herself in Christ,
who knows that she is precious and worthy in God's sight,
who knows she is worth being pursued and loved relentlessly like how Christ loves His Church,
who uses her heart to connect with the right people because this is where she is most true,
who believes that her heart is so deeply lost in Christ that 'he' must seek Him to find it,
whose dreams are full of life and passion, that in His appointed time, will come true
whose faith can move mountains, and is the evidence of things not seen
whose hope is in the Lord, for He has her best interests at heart
whose love is most genuine and pure, because she loves God first and loves God most