Day 98 : About Love, About Time

I came across this poster while browsing through posts in tumblr. Without second thought, I felt the need to write. . . write about love. Since my last post is also about love, I might as well continue the trend.

Like Tim, for me it's always going to be about love. 

From the moment my mother first laid her eyes on me, to how she tearfully smiled when she first saw me smile; the meals she lovingly prepares for us; how she patiently taught me well throughout these years and how she stood by me in times of failure and success - that's love.

How my father sings to me and takes me for a spin in his arms, and how he squishes me and tells me he loves me; those moments he'd carry me on his lap just because; his methods of discipline and ways of encouragement - that's love.

Those nights my brother chose me over his friends, to play Fight Night and NBA Streets ('04-'05) while feasting on Burger Machine's chili con carne buy1take1 burger and a heck load of V-Cut potato chips on the side; how he always seemed very proud of me - that's love.

My little sister's sweet notes and how she always wants to be like me (or even better) because she sees me as her model of inspiration; her own little ways of making me feel like I'm her bestest best friend - that's love.

They first showed me what love is all about, how love is unconditional and beautiful, despite our flaws and imperfections. Through them, I grew closer to Christ and came to understand and know love more, because love is God, and He is love.

LOVE daily WHY. It is my big why.
Why I am working, and why I would want to see the priceless smiles on their faces knowing that all their sacrifices will soon be harvested in abundance. Now's the time to give back to them, while I continue allowing God to shape my character through time and experiences.

Why I keep dreaming, and why I believe in the beauty of my dreams;
Why I am living, and why I want to keep discovering parts of myself scattered across the universe - in different places, through different people, through different experiences and challenges;

Why I am enthusiastically preparing myself for the moment that love will find me. . .

I still and always will believe that love, in its most genuine and passionate form, exists and I will share that with the man God has prepared for me. Someday.

Career, work, and money are just perks of being successful in my early 20s. When the time comes, I don't want to be just a wife, and just a mother. Any woman can claim that role - get married (or not even get married) and have kids - poof, she's that.

I just feel, that there's so much more, that I can't explain. I want love, to be the center of gravity, because from there - everything falls into place. When love is at the center, nothing else is ordinary. It's what will hold my family together, and it's what will give life and purpose to those two roles I am preparing for. And I just think that right now, God is working in his heart and character too (whoever he is, I have yet to know).

He could ask me to marry him and we will have a nice wedding,
but for him to know "love" is to be a good & loving husband,
He could definitely give me a beautiful house we will live in,
but for him to know "love" is to build a home with me.

It's always going to be about love.

How I'd lovingly wrap my arms around your neck, giving you a warm welcome home, after a tiring day at work and just feel you, right there - no words necessarily uttered. You, and me, day after day, building dreams and dreaming more dreams, together, always.