2023 : Where You Lead Me I will Follow

I've seen how empty life is without the Lord. I've seen how exhausting the journey is to be lukewarm with Him. I've seen how restless I can be when I burden myself with tasks, things, and decisions that are not approved by Him. I've seen the horrors of disobedience, and have been bled dry by all the unnecessary wounds that came along with it. 

Psalms 34:8 has a sobering verse that reads "Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him". 

Ah, once we truly taste and see His goodness, it will be really difficult to not want anything else. The thing is, His "goodness" doesn't always mean we will be living a comfortable, trouble-free, and painless life. But He will always be more than enough (and even beyond what we deserve) because He IS good, through and through. 

At this point in my life, running to Him like a little girl is what I do best. Perhaps it's the long loong years I've been wanting to be pursued, protected, loved and lead ------- Oh thank you Lord for allowing those chapters. If I hadn't been stripped off of my own desires, if I hadn't been emptied of every moment I was wanting, needing, desiring, waiting, I wouldn't have tasted the sweetness of Your Joy... 

And so here I stand, waiting to pivot to where You tell me. 

The Sea Ahead painted by Clare Elsa Esser
Painting by Clare Elsa Esser 

If it's not the Lord's will, I don't want it. If it's not His plan for my life, I don't want it. If it's not His yes, I don't want it. If it's not from Him, I don't want it. If He didn't say so, I don't want it. 

PS : 
until when will I wait, Lord? I don't know but You do. 
so please fill me so much so that I be fully satisfied in You