03 September 2013

Day 79 : Looking Forward

Oh hello, I'm twenty-one now. A little older than before, but still young, vibrant and free. mhmm?

Yesterday was just like an ordinary day, but extraordinary things happened inside me, starting from my morning walk at the park. Even if yesterday did not go the way I thought it would, I believe He always gives us the best version of my dreams. I've have also been reminded by someone, that birthdays aren't confined to the date itself. Maybe it holds true for amazing people who get to have a whole month of countless surprises from family and loved ones, or maybe it can happen to everyone. Including me. Nevertheless, the most important realization on my birthday is that. . . 

I feel alive, more than ever. It's amazing how God can turn things around, how He can turn something bad into good, how He can restore what was lost, how He is able to walk with me through the storm and prepare my heart for the rainbow that is to appear as the sun shines. I am still walking with Him, but He has calmed the storm. . . it's only a matter of time before I reach my new destination. 

I believe that all the trials and pain I've been through, are permitted by Him to shape my character and prepare me for something great. It goes the same for everyone. When pain is surrendered to Him, He works in such ways we can never understand yet, we will always come out stronger and filled with so much love and passion to carry on with our dreams. He is a faithful God, after all. 

I cannot deny that my heart, my mind and every part of me, just knows and believes that many wonderful and beautiful things, are coming my way. Everything that felt lost, everything that seemed to fall apart, everything that shattered - are nothing compared to what is to come, what is to have, and what will be. 

They say that you must know pain, to truly experience joy. You must know defeat, to truly say you've won. You must know the hardship of sowing, to truly experience the fulfillment of reaping. You must know distance, to truly be knit closer. You must know the cold, to truly experience warmth. 

Faith is being certain of things we cannot see.
Faith is knowing, believing, that all things are possible with Him.
Faith is being certain of "who" holds our future...
and our future is secure with Him. 

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