#YouGotThis Online Summit inspired me to write again

The last piece I wrote was about being tired because I just was. And attending this Planning and Journaling Online Summit was a huge breather for me to just pause, and reinvent myself again. Day 1 was very insightful but I was very distracted with everything I can't do, I haven't done, and I should do. After 3 different purchases of my would-be planner (and journal), I told myself I WILL WRITE AGAIN. I will blog again. 

So here's a piece of me, doing so. 


"PIVOT FOR FUTURE SUCCESS - Reinvent yourself and to create future success" with PJ and Alessa Lanot, Katwo and Nico Puertollano


Beautiful drawing encapsulation
 by kikicollagist / redbubble

My biggest take away for "PIVOT FOR FUTURE SUCCESS - Reinvent yourself and to create future success" : creativity is the art of problem solving. From there, the mediums or platforms will follow suite. 

It can be applied to everything! The seemingly mundane tasks and routines, especially at school/work, business, and passion projects! I guess it's having that iteration of questions about HOW TO DO THINGS BETTER or DIFFERENTLY to solve a problem. 

If anything else, the pandemic has made us creative problem solvers! Maybe we just haven't noticed it yet, because there's that PRESSURE to be this, be that, do this, do that. If we take that pressure off, we'll find ourselves exactly where we are - with a lot of things to solve, one step and one day at a time. 

Gloomy work space? change the lighting or declutter. Want to have a relaxing bath? add something that pleases your senses : a candle? lavander scents? do coffee scrubs? maybe try having a long warm bath. Basic ham and cheese sandwich? try adding cilantro or basil. Your spouse is always moody? Make breakfast or have it delivered (and add a nice, sweet note!) . It's really in the little things...that are right in front of us! 

Growing up, we were taught that comparison is the thief of joy. With glimpses of other people's lives that are easily accessible through facebook and instagram stories - it's easy to fall into the trap of being frustrated about our status and whereabouts. In a matter of seconds, we lose interest, we get disheartened, we get sad or even angry. So whether it's comparing yourself to your peers, or even comparing yourself to who you were in the past or who you want to be - it steals away our joy. That's why it's important to be self aware and keep living in the now... and take that opportunity to solve problems that are here, right now. 

Of course we can't do it alone, that's why having mentors is also important because it is wisdom passed on...to bare fruit. 

Having finished this morning's session actually lifted the weight of pressuring myself to /literally/ create written or artful pieces. 

I'll definitely be doing things better and differently this week because I'm a problem solver! I got this! #YouGotThisToo 

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