Letters to Money Challenge by Paula Peralta #YouGotThis

21 Days of writing letters to Money. #dearMoneyChallenge by Happy Money Coach : Paula Peralta. 

At first I thought it was absurd to write to some --- thing. But throughout the session it became clear to me that when our beliefs are expounded through words, that sense of "control" is magnified especially when we understand where the beliefs are coming from. 

So here's my attempt to track my progress and align my beliefs, and aspirations with the universe! Day 1 letter is is as typed in the comments section when Paula told us to type the first thing we had in mind. The rest are free flowing realizations, one day at a time. 

Dear Money, YOU...

        Day 1 : are a blessing from the Lord. More than anything, it is not from my own strength or capabilities that I am blessed but it is solely because of the Lord's goodness. And because you are a blessing, it is only right that I also bless others through you, especially my family. 

        Day 2 : are used by the Lord to supply our needs (and wants). Even at times we don't deserve it, He provides. It is because of His grace and purpose that I still have a job to sustain financial responsibilities that allow us to have clean water to drink, electricity that powers appliances, gadgets and tools, food that not only nourishes but satisfies a craving or even improve a mood. Even recently, it is Him through you that we were able to start buying materials for the small business we are starting. 

        Day 3 : add wonder in every task, bonding activity, or self-care routine! First of all grateful that you were enough to buy the planner and journal I've been waiting for! Every task can now be more meaningful, progress can be tracked and always aligned to my vision board. My emotional, mental and spiritual being is more taken care off because I have journals to write and reflect on and a desk I can call "my own space". You've allowed our 90s tradition of movie nights + pizza or chips to continue. You've drastically improved my self-care routine therefore helping me in my recovery from last year's depression. In the little ways and simplest things, you add a little oomph and spark to fill it with wonder! 

Day 1 to 3 -  s u m m a r y  : 

Growing up, my mom has always placed our needs first. She made sure we were enrolled in the best schools (though subjective, the best schools for her were  run by ICM sisters, and LaSallian Brothers) as these were her dream schools. She made sure we had 5-6 meals a day (that probably explains our natural physique haha). She made sure we had everything necessary to study well without distractions, sleep comfortably at night, and enjoy simple leisure activities at home, at school, or at church.

At some point, she never really made us feel money was an issue because we had food on the table, neat bags and comfortable black shoes every year. We didn't have much toys and gadgets, but our room had enough notebooks (thanks mom!) for journaling and all sorts of pens, arts&crafts supplies, and desks to study/write/create. We didn't have super branded clothes, but she made sure we won't feel uncomfortable with the type of fabric we wore or have feet blisters because our shoes. We didn't splurge at Makro in bulk but she made sure we always had fresh milk and cereals in the morning. We didn't travel or dine out because dad wasn't around and she was scared of bringing all her kids by herself but she made sure we spent weekends around the world through movies (tapes, then cds to dvds) and Magoo's Pizza (later shifted to Pizza Hut stuffed crust!)  Simply put - her statement would always be "Kung kailangan, gagawan ng paraan bilhin.". that's why we didn't ask for more than what we needed. We were happy and content, and very much taken care of. And that was more than enough. 

I guess it's also why I inherited this trait of spending money for things I really need. The challenge lately though is separating the short term need (disguised as cravings / one time highs / impulsive wow-I-need-that's) from actual long-term needs !ughhhh!. Oh and it's honestly harder when you're a mom!!! You think your baby needs everything!! gheeez ~ 

Anyhow, we were always taught that money isn't ours as it is only given as a blessing - to bless others. That's why it felt like we were always blessed by our parents. The challenge though is sometimes we bless others too much now that we take for granted the possibility of blessing others more in the future. Online confession : we did not learn how to really save, because whenever we did there would be days we wanted to use our own money to buy things we need (and want) without asking our parents. We used the money we saved for a school year for instance, to treat them and buy them something nice. We didn't really worry much about money because our parents seemed to have it all in control, and all the necessities were always provided, until one day they weren't in control anymore...and couldn't provide because supposed resources were entrusted to the wrong people, and what's left had an expiration date. It was a blessing that the time they couldn't, I was working already and my job was stable. that for another story though!


Dear Money, I...

         Day 4 : wish I knew growing up that you aren't the root of all evil.  I saw you as the enemy growing up, because at times you weren't there I'd see my mom worry. At times you seemed lacking, I'd see my dad extending time away from us. At times you were of abundance, it still didn't buy enough time because moments were still short-lived.

         Day 5 : wish I knew you were like the that 'talent' in parables. Because all I did when I had you in my younger years, I kept you to myself so I could buy moments with people I love, over food and experiences. I was afraid to spend you on something that would multiply you, because doing so was too much of a risk before because I really had no one else but myself. 

         Day 6  : thought you were meant to be spent because of love. But how come most of my expenses are related to healing because of love? hurting because of love? It still made sense though, because the people I love are still in the equation. 

Dear Money, now I know that...

         Day 7 : wisdom from the Lord is needed to make you bear fruit  else, you will always rot and wither away even before you get planted. Just like how plants start as seeds, I must start planting different seeds of you as well but this time, in the right soil! 

         Day 8 : you are powered by motives of the heart  That's why 'goals' and even the strongest claims of prosperity fail. If the motive is not right, the Lord will certainly not bless it. 

         Day 9 : provision is always from the Lord and not because of my own strength or doing. I have a job, because the Lord blessed me to have one. I have the things I have now, only because the Lord allowed me to do so. All the more in moments years prior where I thought I'd be hitting dead ends, YET the Lord kept providing at the right time, through the right means... 

Dear Money, I'm sorry

         Day 10 : I didn't spend enough time  Lord not

         Day 11 : 

         Day 12 : 

Dear Money, starting today

         Day 13

         Day 14 : 

         Day 15 : 

Dear Money, I'm excited

         Day 16 : 

         Day 17 : 

         Day 18 : 

Dear Money, Thank you 

         Day 19 : 

         Day 20 : 

         Day 21 : 


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