MommyMundo #EXPOMOM 2018 : Best Buys on a 10K Budget

If you had a P10,000 ($200) gift check for a mom&baby shopping spree, what items would be on your hit list? 

Before I decide on any item to purchase, I geek-out for weeks or even months! Geeking out would mean intensive brand and research, instagram stalking, and a spreadsheet of pros and cons (with SRP included). I always do this to confidently answer the question WHY is it needed and wanted.

So here are my 7 WHYs of needs and wants, that justified my 10k purchase! Hey mama, you can use this to justify your shopping budget too *wink*

My Mommy Mundo Expomom 2018 Haul 
1. HANDS-FREE & PAIN-FREE BONDING with the lightest hip-seat carrier from Bebear (Aluminum variant)

I love wearing by baby! It's been a great bonding experience since day 1, and I'll continue to do so until he's too heavy for me.

I've been using our Baby K'Tan Active since Johahn was born because of the snug fit. Now that he's 7 months old and 10kg heavy, a hip-seat carrier is a must. 

There are a lot of brands out there, but I chose Bebear's Aluminum variant because it IS really the lightest hip seat carrier out there, and the foldable hipseat makes it a breeze to pack! It's perfect for the daily grind / baby's day out in a tropical country like ours.

2. FUN TEETHING & EARLY HYGIENE CARE with Matchstick Monkey 
This is a kickstarter project brought to life! I've been eyeing this matchstick monkey for a while now because it simply IS a teether AND toothbrush trainer in one! 

Update (june): Johahn loves his matchstick monkey! The design makes it easy to hold (and attach via bib-clip too). I'm starting

3. SAFE INTRO TO FRUITS with Kidsme's Food Feeder 
Perfect buy for my 6-month old! You'll find mesh types online, or even silicone types, but I chose Kidsme's because it has the biggest teat so far! The food feeder is shaped like a rocket, and has the color variant I want! :) Most of Johahn's feeding utensils are yellow-orange. Even most of his toys and his carrier! Soo, yes to matchy colors!

4. DIGITAL LIFESTYLE W/ PEACE OF MIND with the Fazzup anti-radiation mobile patch 
(this is really RJ's ( fault hahaha) My work and passion projects require me to be constantly online, and using my phone while breastfeeding or holding my baby is something that's been bothering me since he was born. 'Radiation' might not be as it was portrayed in the past decade, but I do know it's still there and the effects may or may not be directly felt YET. So thankfully, RJ convinced me I needed one because her migraine attacks were less frequent and weakened in intensity. POOF! Ok, I didn't need more proof and hey, I had 10k to spare so - no litany of explanations needed for my purchase! PEACE OF MIND is something I'd gladly spend for or invest in. Isn't that what we mothers want anyway?

5.  ESSENTIALS FOR INTERACTIVE PLAY with GeoMats from Bonjour Baby World 
Gone are the days of having multi-colored mats with removable letters / characters! I remember my sister's childhood days when it was sooo hassle  to keep returning the lose puzzle pieces! yadayaaaa... here's to minimalist colors AND endless options for designs and placements!

Rubber mats are really a must-have for worry-free parenting!

6.  TOYS FOR INTERACTIVE PLAY like Urbanmom's BBQ Dream Set 
This is for when he's old enough to play for interactive play. I just had to get it because stocks might not be the same years from now and it's a "BBQ GRILL!" I really looove urbanmom's selection of educational toys! (saving that for another post)

** HAPPY N' EASY SNACKING with Nosh Munchable Wafers! 
Went beyond the 10k for this! I'm going the homemade-baby-food route but it's also nice to have snacks on the go that are STILL all-natural. It's the berry-pomegranate combo's fault!

All items above were handpicked and carefully chosen by me, after weeks and even months of thorough research and instagram stalking. I usually prepare for expos (saving my tips for another blog), and it was just timely and truly a pleasant surprise blessing from the Lord that I won the grand prize (10K Shopping Spree) from MommyMundo's #mompowerment contest series.

Here's my winning entry :

I have so much dreams for my son... That he grows up to be a man after God’s heart - one who loves Him first so he can love others better; . a man slow to anger, and is quick to forgive; . a man humble enough to say sorry when he is wrong, and brave enough to stand for what is true and right; . a man of compassion, kindness, gratitude; . a man of integrity, wisdom and strength that comes from the Lord . ...and whenever I pray over him at night, I am reminded of the truth that I cannot teach him what I am not, because children learn best by example. I also cannot give him what I don’t have, and I cannot receive from him what I don’t know of. . I always look back at that mindset whenever I feel emotionally compromised, and when I get triggered by past memories that make me feel “i just can’t mom”. Because physical strength comes naturally when we become mothers. But the state of our hearts, is what makes us become the mother we want / don’t want to be. . *** “Guard your heart for it affects everything that you do” *** . These photos are puzzle pieces to my testimony of strength. . I conquered my pregnancy ( the whirlwind of emotions, the slope downhill, unfavorable and painful circumstances) and survived the first few months with my newborn (my fears, doubts, and worries) through Christ alone. He saved me from myself, He saved me from the things that could’ve destroyed my heart. . That’s why now, I am continuously striving to guard my heart and become God’s vessel of love to my son through words, thoughts and actions. . My son is a constant reminder that I am capable of loving unconditionally, and in many ways I didn’t think were possible. Being able to hold him, feed him, and pump milk for him, are special ways I could love him now. . This coming mother’s day, I’ll be celebrating God’s precious gift to me : He chose me to be Johahn’s mother - the greatest privilege I would honor to uphold for as long as I live. #mompowerment #mommymundo #expomom2018 @mommymundo
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