#152 : What are you worth?

It's often tempting to question our worth based on how people treat us, the gifts they give, the gestures they do, the things they say. Perhaps, this is the aftermath of a series of unfortunate events that made us doubt our worth, because the world was too cruel to allow the most genuine, and loving hearts to be broken.

The aftermath, is where we have a tighter grip on self-made standards.
The aftermath, is where we build walls so thick and so high that we are almost unreachable.
The aftermath, is a pruning process without a specific time frame, to restore what was once damaged - our self worth.
The aftermath, is where we would try to live with the thought that there is someone out there who is worth the risk of breaking us but will never try to.

I've been in that stage, and I can't remember how long. But my journey became more meaningful when I decided to let Jesus take the lead.

The aftermath, was where I gave up my own standards and followed His, and to trust  and thank Him in all circumstances.
The aftermath, was where I decided to just run my own race, instead of staying in one corner to build walls, and keep running, and simply welcome who would dare keep up with me and even better - lead me to victory.
The aftermath, was a pruning process that renewed me, and shifted my focus on how He died for me on the cross and though undeserving, He sees me worthy of His blessings, His forgiveness, and most of all - His love. I bask in that truth, and my heart is secure in Him.
The aftermath with God, has wholly prepared me for when I would finally open the door, and allow myself to be vulnerable to the one who He will bless with His daughter.

Still a work in progress here, and I am learning to appreciate life more now, and the simple things that come along my way. Only God knows the true motives of the heart. . . and I am trusting Him with this one. 
You are worth His love.
You are worth loving.
Don't you ever forget that.