Day 84 : Autumn

I remember adding this on my bucket list a few days ago -  Experience the beauty of every season there is, no matter what it's called, all in a year or two for the thrill of 'waiting' for the season to arrive, and the season finally coming to pass, in one country. Oh how beautiful that would be! I blissfully wrinkled my nose as I smiled with my eyes closed, and created a vivid picture of reality. Yes, someday, someday. DEFINITELY. 

It was just yesterday that I saw a really beautiful photo of autumn leaves, and it amplified my excitement as I continued day dreaming. 

Oh but today, wow. Here's reality - a glimpse of my dream-to-be-reality! God is really amazing! It's been a while since I walked around and I didn't notice how the leaves were slowly drying up beautifully. Seeing this now is just, perfect in timing! I did not expect to see this as early as now, nor did I even think it would be possible this soon! But with God, nothing is impossible! It may just be a glimpse of my dream, yet it is so, so clear. 

It's so ironic that the moment I walked along the pathway, I started in tears...sad tears intensified by the fact that it's that time of the month yet when I saw this, I was filled with awe. Autumn is beautiful even when everything seems to be dying. It's simply a perfect reminder that everything is made beautiful in His perfect timing. 

I've been so drawn to my nature experience for the past months. Everything around me makes me feel so loved by Him because I am given the opportunity to know Him more, through His wonderful creation. 

Photo taken at UP-Ayala Technohub