Day 83 : Always Faithful

Since I began reading my little book, "A Pocketful of Promises for Women", this became one of the things I've always held on to - God's delays are never denials. He always gives us the best version of our dreams.

Earlier this morning, I came across verses about His faithfulness and I could recall so many events in the past years where I've seen His power over my life! They're all still fresh in my mind and I could not contain the joy of writing it all down.

It was around February 2012 when I had a sudden craze to have my own puppy- a Chow-Chow. When we were kids we were allergic to pets and we probably outgrew them over the years. Anyway, I prayed and prayed hard for it. I kept searching for puppies for sale online and even asked around. My excitement lasted for about a month until I just decided to let that dream be. In the succeeding months I still checked on puppy photos once in a while, to keep that dream alive. I just knew in my heart that the dream of having a puppy will come true, even if it was taking time, because I kept believing that God's delays are never denials. October of the same year, while checking puppy photos and breeds, my mom suddenly found a shih-tzu puppy that's really cute. From that moment on, I felt the dream come alive but this time, it's a stronger and more purposeful kind of dream. It's not for myself anymore but for my mom, and maybe it isn't a Chow-Chow that will eventually grow too big to cuddle but a Shih-Tzu that's just the perfect size! I searched non-stop online for the puppy we could call ours. It was hard to find a white and gold shih-tzu with a cute face, yet whenever I found one it was either too pricey, the seller's place is too far, or I just didn't have enough money at the moment. I got frustrated so many times, because I was just an intern that time and my allowance usually isn't on the dot. It was in November when I badly wanted to surprise my mom on her birthday, but the puppy I wanted to buy was already sold. After that really sad moment, I decided to simply surrender to God and wait on Him, for His delays are never denials.

It was on the second week of December that I found the perfect puppy - white & gold, really cute, the price is in budget, and the seller is a breeder here in my hometown. I just knew that he was the one. It was December 22, when my sister and I picked up our puppy and came home with him - on a basket - to surprise my mom. I remember every moment, every emotion we had! Finally, finally, after the long wait and enduring the pain of frustration at times, this it is! Seeing my mom smile, and laugh, and everything else - it was absolutely one of the happiest days of our lives! Cobee has been with us for 10 months already and his presence truly is God's blessing everyday! God planted that dream - to have a puppy - in my heart, and is faithful to bring it to pass. His timing was set on December, and He had a Shih-Tzu in mind. Everything was just really perfect! If we had a puppy earlier, I might not have focused too much on my thesis and being 'first-timers' needed 'time'. Though a chow-chow is cute too, it would grow big in time and Cobee is just really the perfect size for cuddles, funny moments, sweet moments, and everything!
It was in November 2012 when I first dreamed to buy myself my own gadget with my own money- an Ipad Mini - where I could maximize my productivity and creativity, and of course be able to do the things I love most - music, writing, and the idea of always having video calls. I nurtured that dream by checking out photos and features, searching for cases and actually even buying one last February just to be really ready!

It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for myself for a job well done in Thesis 2, but it didn't happen.
It should have been a graduation gift to myself, but it still didn't happen.
It should have been a welcome-to-the-corporate-world gift for myself but it didn't happen.

I remember that day, some time in April, when I knew I would buy it already. The box was ready to be packed, but the card terminal was out of service. I was one swipe away! The cashier tried it four times, and even called the bank, but it really is a terminal problem. Metrobank, BDO, BPI - nope. When God says "no", it's really a "no". I got frustrated for a while, but then I just let that dream be. I set my eyes on God, knowing that His delays are never denials.

After a few weeks, I diverted to buying a smartphone instead. It was still the same dream of buying myself my own gadget, but 'what' gadget - only God knew in the end what I would be buying, what means, and when I would be having it but here's how the pre-season went :

It all started with being confused about the Xperia SP and Xperia P, but ended up wanting the SP. I was sure I wanted an Xperia because of the style, the display, the elegence. I even kept checking out their phones to give it a try.

I remember that two moments, where I was a few seconds away from calling it mine but then again, when God says "no", it's really a "no" - the salesman told me they had a silver unit and I was really sure I wanted it. I patiently waited for the unit to be given to me so I could check it out but just before the card was swiped, he was honest in telling me that they only had the black one left; in a different store, it would take 2 days to get the Xperia SP. I was about to be frustrated, but I remembered how God taught me the value of waiting on Him too many times in the past. I let it go.

It was around April when the HTC One became the new craze. I thought, "this must be the better thing God has in mind for me to buy!" At least, I wouldn't have to borrow my mom's credit card to buy the gadget hence, I could really call it "mine". For weeks, the battle with Globe Customer Reps about the availability of the phone and other requirements needed for the upgrade when I renew my contract, became intense. It frustrated me a lot of times because I really wanted a new phone yet it was always out of stock! They always kept telling me that I could get the Iphone 5 instead but I was too focused on the HTC One that I kept telling them no. It was in June when I decided to quit the calls and just see for myself.

I remember the excitement that day, when I went to Edsa Shangri-La to check out the phone. I was really hoping it would be available because I was ready to get it. Nope, it wasn't, and they didn't have a demo unit, but I still kept my hopes up, Megamall was the last resort. They didn't have stocks, but the demo unit was readily available to check out. Maybe God really said "no" when it comes to stock availability, and maybe he wanted me to see for myself. To my surprise, I most certainly knew that it wasn't perfect for me. I didn't like the clutter on the screen, or the color itself, the size and the feel of navigating through it. I thanked God for His intervention, because if I quickly got the unit without even having a feel - I will really be frustrated.

I had my eyes on the Iphone 5 because after consistently trying it out whenever a demo unit was available, and the posts I've read especially about apps and the camera itself,  the simplicity, the elegance, the features, made me really sure this time that it was worth buying and it sure is the best decision. It only took me 7 days to get the phone. Today, I could not imagine how my life would've been without it! It's just perfect in every way, and it's perfect for me.

If I had an ipad mini when I wanted it, it might've been too huge to carry around and risky to take with me. Plus, it didn't have regular call and text features. Double the trouble! If I had the Xperia SP that's quite old already, I would certainly be missing out on the best! If I had the HTC One, well - upon seeing it, I really wouldn't. I believe that God has intervened in so many ways from the beginning!

When God plants dreams in our hearts, He will bring it to pass in His perfect timing. Surely, His delays are never denials and He always gives us the best version of our dreams.

These are only two of many, many events He has taught me to trust in His timing and His ways. I could write them all, but I'll leave two here for the mean time because this post is way too long already. *hmmhmm*

God you are so awesome!