Day 70 : The Trust Fall

Today I had my usual walk with HIM in the park, where lantern lights make the path walk clearer from a distance. It was three long rounds, where mixed emotions raged like a storm, calmed by His presence.

I closed my eyes and did something stupid - made one step after another not thinking about tumbling over the pond just right beside me. Yep, there were no rails or fences. While getting carried away by music and walking with my eyes closed, I had one step that made my heart stop beating for a while. It was a step that, if perhaps my angels did not freeze, I would have really tumbled over the pond. No witnesses, the ducks, frogs and who knows what other species.

I came to a realization that it's really stupid to walk on a pathway just beside a pond with your eyes closed. However, it dawned on me that i was just really lost in my world of music that everything around me didnt seem to matter, and I just trusted Him to lead the way and He did! I literally felt my foot freeze for a second. A few pounds leaning on the left really would've made me roll over the hill.

Faith is believing in something you might not see yet in front of you, and while you patiently journey towards it, you also trust Him. 

My point being - faith is the essence of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.

Ah, my thoughts are not at all organized. yet it's still worth a try to post.