Day 37 : Something to Look Forward To

There are things in life we can't control like being deployed in a project that you think won't make you grow your career or being mandated to go to work on a graveyard shift or having a cracked tooth. These things have a hold on our emotions but if we let it linger a little longer than it should, it feels as if life has been drained out of us.

In the past days I've been presented reality, the only thing I could really do is surrender it all to the Lord but there's something lacking. My endless rants about my misery are like scratching my wound again and again that it never heals. I guess it's time to move on, as I fully surrender. 

What can I do then, to make every day a little less boring? What can I do then, to give myself a push further? 

Have something to look forward to. Like a dream, an idea that will push through, a vision that will soon become reality. 

I look forward to the coming weekend where my family will be feasting on unlimited shrimp and Lenggua. 

I look forward to the 1st of June where I will finally have a change of lifestyle to lose weight and have a healthier body, inside-out. With that, I look forward to September where I will have lost 15-20 lbs that would make me more confident to cut my hair short. 

I look forward to pay-day that's 3 weeks from now. 

I look forward to finally  buying myself a smartphone after almost 2 years since my Xperia Neo V has been stolen. 

I look forward to buying myself a new pair of comfy and gorgeous wedges and a new bag. 

I look forward to a successful playback session of the application I am handling and get a high rating. 

I look forward to the last day of graveyard shift where I'll get to celebrate because the coming Monday it's hello, midshift then after a month, my shift will be the long awaited one - 7am to 4pm. 

I look forward to finishing the 5D house design I am currently working on. 

I look forward to finally publishing this blog when I reach the 60th post. 

I look forward to papa coming home this June or July, and celebrating his birthday in Vikings, and opening a business soon.

I look forward to having more time to spend with my family because of work-life balance and great compensation & benefits. 

These things I look forward to, it will all happen in a span of two to three months. It's exciting, it's refreshing, it's inspiring. It gives me a boost of energy and confidence. It gives me hope. It gives me peace. 

I am now ready for His healing love to fill me, as I surrender all my worries and hurts. I am now ready for His best.