16 August 2014

Day 111 : Swing By My Thoughts

Sometimes it's nice to walk past unfamiliar dirt and get lost in the remnants of countless, faded memories of strangers. There's this thrill that overrides every nervous heartbeat, the thrill of either discovering pieces of myself scattered across the universe or marking the world with a piece of me.

Today, I found myself in glorious solitude with the earth, that inexplicably draws me to it. The rustling leaves, the uneven surface of the ground, the subtle warmth of the sun, the scent of aged wood and dried flowers. . . Walking at a glacial pace took me downhill to rest.

I was six years old, and swings were an essential part of enjoying school playgrounds aside from monkey bars and slides. As I grew older, my mind has taken me to euphoric moments yet to happen, using a swing as a totem. Yes, a hanging tire under the tree, a rustic white bench hanging by the front porch, a hammock, that wraps me like a cocoon, stringed across poles standing by the sea shore. Let me add color to this lovely imagery : I'd' be wearing strapped sandals, a white dress perfectly running like water on my skin, have loosely braided hair, and a smile unfading because. . .
Ah, I love how my thoughts are faster than a bullet train; more vivid than a photo; more cinematic than a movie. I love how I can travel as far as my imagination takes me. 
Today, a playground swing simply was proof of how infinite and unstoppable the mind could be. I simply was given a taste of my imagination and I am perfectly happy about it.

I love how the wind gently brushes my hair back, making room for the sun's light to touch my face. Going against gravity, losing myself in a few seconds of bliss, smiling at cotton candy clouds, and finally laughing out loud after letting my heart speak just because the joy cannot be contained. It feels nice. . . to have had this moment with myself. It's empowering, and it stirs up a force that drives me further. It's like this wholeness in me has been magnified, and the sudden halt after smooth swinging made me feel ready to conquer.

Despite roadblocks, inevitable disarray of plans, unfortunate events, unexpected or foreseen problems that seem overwhelming, there's just so much to be thankful for, so much blessings around me that make me feel loved, so much to look forward to. Who would've thought I'd find a swing (and not even hanging tires / a rustic white bench / a hammock YET at the most random point of my life) that triggered me to burst in rapture? God is amazing like that. Everyday, His love fills me. 

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