06 August 2014

Day 108 : A Blog is a Book

What better way is there to keep a piece of yourself
that could be lost forever, than writing?
I know a handful of bloggers since Xanga and Multiply days back in 2005. Excluding lifestyle, fashion, food and travel bloggers, there are still a number of personal bloggers like me out there. Perhaps this would be my question (in a spectator's pov) - why blog, if you can just write on your journal? 

I write because I want to leave traces of myself at a specific time and momentI myself own a number of journals that hold deep, valuable truths about myself, and yet I still blog for the sole purpose of having an extended version of myself, where words could seem endless and photos bringing life to my words.

Someday, I would love to revisit parts of me where I can still learn lessons from in one way or another. I would love to read something that would remind me of the battles I've conquered, the different personas I've become, the random places my imagination has taken me, the things I've always believed in, even my dreams and humble beginnings. I would love to read fiction stories I wrote or poems I've turned into songs.

Someday, this blog will take my own happy family on a journey back in time. I imagine them giving off cute. cheeseball reactions like :
(the husband) "Oh love, I knew you were thinking about me when you wrote that post."( right, right ) 
"ok, you honestly made me go crazy about you even before you started writing about me..." 
(24yr old son) " my girl's fond of your old vintage blog, mom. she writes well too, but of course I adore you more" (boy you better.)
(19yr old daughter) "we have exactly the same thoughts, mom!I can't believe it!!! Hehe but I think I know a lot more than you did when you were 19.Ooops! I love you". (aha!)
(14yr old son) "Mom can I use your poem and tweak it a little?err, there's this girl I like and..." (there, there baby, let daddy help you. no wait, who's this girl again?!)

Ok sometimes my oh-so-very-vivid-imagination breezes through decades. It might not happen exactly the way I wrote it, but I'm certain that reality will be far more lovely. My point again, being - this blog is for me, and for the people I love, and will love.

Nevertheless, this treasury of musings, prose and poetry, is also a book in a public library. Whether by accident or will, it'll be read at timely circumstances, for whichever purpose it would serve the reader -comfort, company, a spontaneous adventure, a taste of romance, amusement, satisfying curiosity, or a love tank filler.

So to you who is reading this, old and new : thank you for stopping by.
May at least one of my posts bring a smile to your heart :)

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