31 May 2014

Day 97 : Ohana, Ohana.

Weekly dates, random date nights - I feel spectacular with this little girl.

Back in those days I wasn't working yet, our room was our own adventure island. We'd work on DIY projects together, have breakfast on the floor on weekends or have a little Alice in Wonderland kind of set up, go for a nonstop series marathon while feasting on pizza or burgers and fries, sometimes just spend long hours talking while having hot cocoa. If I had extra money, we'd stay in a cafe nearby for the ambiance and handcrafted beverages. Ah, of what use is money if not spent on making memories with people we love?

Not long after I started working and saving, my investments grew - we are slowly turning the world into our own adventure island. We love staying in at home, but the world is beautiful as God created it to be. There are so many things to see and appreciate, like how the landscape in BGC is different from Makati, how cuisines are explicitly unique, or how adoring the sun set has varying depths of experience that is directly proportional to where you stand- by the bay or the window pane, on a rock or near the edge of a balcony on the 22nd floor, in between buildings or traffic, lying on your back in a field or under a mango tree.

We started last year but I think it would be nice to expand the content of my blog. After all, back reading years from now would initiate time travel.

Weeks ago we explored Pazzo Rollo, that's quite hidden along the cinema lane of Robinson's Magnolia. The food was awesome, so is the stories we shared. Krispy Kreme, window shopping, and Jamba Juice were side trips.

A week back, we had a mini shopping spree and watched The Fault In Our Stars.

Lately we've been catching up on episode leftovers of our favorite series and it just feels so nice to turn our sofa into a bed of pillows!

Next Friday, we'll be singing our hearts out in our first concert together : Hillsong United. Well, it's the first concert I ever bought tickets for! Hehe. 

All these things might not be grand in label, but the smile on her face is priceless and that's more than grand enough for me. It's like filling up her love tank, and keeping it overflowing. I know there will come a time when we'll be doing less of what we could now, because priorities will eventually change. When that happens, I have nothing to fear, or regret - because we will have filled up each other with time and love by then. Oh, and as future mothers someday we will be able to teach our sons and daughters to cherish and love each other, and value time with family - because we have :)

I'm still trying to figure out how I'll be writing about things like this, but I think I did fairly well on my first. HAHA. It's all prose and poetry, wild thoughts and dreams for the past few months. Now's about me, and what matters most - LOVE. Through family.

Must work around with better photos next time. I'm not used to photo-blogging. This will do! :) 

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