12 July 2013

Day 66 : Life's About Moments

Last Sunday I gave myself time to contemplate on how my life has been for the past few days. I was given the chance to experience what I've always wanted. . . work-life balance. Working on a day shift for a week made me appreciate every part of my day from sunrise to midnight. I had all the time in the world to spend with my family at home, for me-time and rest. Arriving at the office past 5am was perfect for breakfast time with the Lord through savoring His word and reflections written in my Kerygma email. Being busy kept time running fast and coming home at 3pm gave me enough time for siesta, merienda with my mom and dad, dinner with the whole family, bonding time with my sister, candycrush / star-maker time.I had everything I wanted to be part of every day.

I've had the best week since I started working and it's something that will keep me fueled for whatever challenges come across my way. Thank you Lord, for a one week retreat. I really look forward to the next!

This week, I made time to download apps that could make my life more interesting and meaningful. One of them is Day One. I am able to take note of my thoughts at a particular time, things I find pretty like how vintage-y my things are, what I had for lunch, what I'm feeling at the moment, random ideas, and a lot more. I've been using it for 4 days now and having a month's view or years even, makes me really excited! Oh and, writing on my notebooks and my journal never gets out of the picture. It's still and will always be my favorite form of expression! These two combined - PERFECT.
I got "Day One" for free because of Apple's 5th anniversary. Perfect timing!
Oh and, I love how my things compliment each other. teehee
I'll get to thank God more everyday, love God more everyday, and see how much I've grown in every aspect and go back to every moment in my life- good or bad - when I back read through my posts. After all, life's about moments...moments that are too precious to leave rotten in our memory. Thank God for notebooks, thank God for technology! 

My week is near closing and my despite the graveyard shift, my change of perspective really made me more productive, happy and motivated. I did not even notice how time passed by so quickly! It's really a great turning point to bounce higher after a hard fall. There are things we cannot control and the only way we'll rise up is if we let go of our grip on being miserable for not getting what we want. Instead of looking for light in the dark, be your own light. Sometimes it takes the darkest to shine the brightest :)

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Psalms 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Job 5:9 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.

Psalm 71:17 Since my youth, God, you have taught me, and to this day I declare your marvelous deeds.


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