16 May 2013

Day 29 : Work-Pressed

Arrived a little early for work today. It was just in time for the upcoming meeting which I haven't prepared for yesterday. Afternoon-rush, is just the perfect term. With my iced coffee and bread with peanut butter and cheese, I was able to extract my best inputs and creative juices to come up with a sensible presentation. Voila! All ready.

After the meeting I was a little uncomfortable. Perhaps I was just really over-prepared. I worked too hard on something that doesn't really require too much. Yes I gave my best, but I guess it was too much. Well, maybe I could use my presentation in the near future, who knows? Yadidadida... Dinner time! Time flies when you're busy!

After dinner (hawaiian pork and half-rice) I worked on another task that's bound to be completed today, in my own timeline. I did my best again, though I doubted a few times that I might be giving too much again but I still did it anyway. I got too in the mood to finish it, and thankfully I did! I started around 7:30, and oh look - it's 10:20 pm! Time flies when you're busy!

Now I'm excited to go home, excited to hug my pillow and have a good night's rest, because tomorrow my tooth-verdict will take place. I just want to calm my senses, at least for the part where I'll know about the expenses. (It rhymes! Duh, who cares...)

AAAAND the day goes boom - work on a weekend. REALLY?! Are you kidding me?! Seriously?! What the heck. Where's that freaking work-life balance?! Wait, I know where - in the ads.

I'm work-pressed on every end. From the moment I signed my contract, to this point where I am staring at this last word.

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