28 April 2013

Day 10 : Saturday of Rest

Slept last night with fever, and woke up feeling a little better. It was great to have slept for long hours!

It's the day before Micay's Birthday celebration, and I'm excited about swimming again! We went to Rob Magnolia to get waxed, then we bought popcorn and shizzle up drinks! We were supposed to watch Iron Man 3 today, but it didn't push through 'cause we figured it wouldn't be relaxing at all since we had to prepare for the big day.

That night, we prepared for all our stuff. . . ahhh pretty swimwear! We were so excited we slept around 2:30 am already! I think I slept at 3 though. Nathalie and I, we couldn't stop laughing and giggling from time to time. It was a nice experience with my sister, and these moments are treasured in my heart <3

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