Wonder with Me?

This is my first attempt to blog about my quiet time and the 3rd time I'm walking with the Lord and finally taking it seriously. (more about my faith-story in another post) 

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I've been prompted about sharing boldly sooo many times to the point of crying and begging the Lord HOW DO IT . Yes I have my journals, but hey it's been 15-20 years of actual dairy-writing with all feelings unfiltered! It was only in 2012 that I realized I could actually write letters (and pour my heart out) to God too. Yes, I've been blogging for more than a decade now but it still doesn't capture the meat of my journals. You'll notice how my link and sub-links have labels / categories without updated posts (ie Wonder while I'm..... Wonder as a ..... ) because I ALWAYS end up saving my post as a draft

That's why since October 7, with all the heavy beating from prayers, it's high time I ACT on His prompting - write for Him, share His love in ways He has prepared me to. Now it's really coming together, from childhood to date - every piece of the puzzle makes so much sense! And I cannot just sit at the corner of my room, all alone in this journey! 

Like what I said in my old blog post - my goal is to bless at least one reader. But now, it's definitely one more wonderHuman in every post, every day or every week. Yes, one more for Jesus! 


I'm not an expert, I'm not a theologian, neither do I have ranks of service to Him. 

But I am these : His child - a woman, daughter, sister, partner, mother, worker, leader, writer, blogger in this world. Also a former student, grad-hire, first-time-mom. 

And I guess that's a wonderful place to start with! 


Many elders would recommend starting with the first five books in the Old testament, some would start with the book of John or one of the Gospel Books. There are bible apps and even plans that's easy to follow! What's clear though is that I have to start with one book and stay in one book until it's done (no book-hopping as much as possible). My dGroup leader shared how to do it : Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. Likewise, my brother also added two bitter-sweet notes  - PROMISE , and WARNING. As my personal pursuit is to really know God more, I'll also be adding ABOUT HIM in my notes! 

Too much? I'd say so especially if we're all new! Since this is my FIRST TIME to really really commit to bible study, and if you're reading this now, I''m inviting you to Wonder with Me as we come to know Him more. One book, one chapter at a time. 

PS : I honestly didn't know where to start. The usual books recommended are THE GOSPEL BOOKS (Matthew, Mark, Luke OR John) and then THE FIRST FIVE BOOKS (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), or vice versa. As for me, it just so happened that was this really inexplicable prompt to start with JAMES. I'll soon know why! 

Praying for you! <3