When She Speaks and When She Writes (TWH Events x Mamacademy PH)

Why do we enjoy music, podcasts or talks? Why do we read books, news, and blogs? Why are there food, travel and fashion sites and even review sections on face book pages and popular e-commerce sites?
We are easy captives to words, because they influence our thoughts, therefore affecting our feelings and behavior towards making a decision - in moments big or small, in timelines daily or long term.
We love words, especially words that connect to our hearts and align with our beliefs. But also hate it just the same, especially if it steals joy, bruises hearts and kills dreams.

We love words that are affirmative, consoling and positive. But hate words that are degrading, manipulative, and outright destructive. This is why we have movements, campaigns, and social groups & communities. This is why we are both united and divided at the same time.
Whatever we say, or choose to listen to, creates our reality and shapes our future.

But when our words are shared through stories, they become powerful prompts that teach minds, touch hearts and transform lives, even it is heard and seen by just one. That's precisely how we can start changing the world's reality and future: one prompt and one story; one person at a time

Join me this April 18 via ZOOM, at 13:00 - 15:00 PH Time, in my WHEN SHE WRITES : BLOG TWO INSPIRE workshop. >>  secure a slot here << 

This workshop is for aspiring bloggers, new bloggers, bloggers on hiatus looking for a refresh, and active bloggers exploring new ways to write! It's a blog date! 

Here's the replay of my 30-minute pre-workshop session : "Blog to Inspire in Difficult Times" 
Live last April 3 @7PM via Mamacademy PH's facebook page