The Peace of Knowing How It Ends

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Jane the Virgin (Xiomara, Jane, & Alba) | 
Day 18 of #covidPH lockdown

Have you ever invested so much time and emotions in a series, that mid-way you just want to know how it ends, just to tame your mind? And if you do, you'll still continue watching the series anyway? (or not)

*raises hand*
Yes, I have. For context - I don't indulge myself in discovering a new TV show because I don't have that luxury of time and I get very attached to characters and stories. You see, a handful of women my age probably grew up believing in "fairy tales" and "happily ever afters", that's why I have this insane desire to know how a movie or a series ends, even if I haven't gone past 5 episodes! This is also why I tend to watch series with complete seasons -  it's easy to find finale spoilers that will make me decide if I'll continue the journey, or not. A few examples?

Series I didn't finish because of my search for "finale" spoilers midway : 

    • this got too dragging somewhere in between, and I knew Nina Dobrev won't be in the show anymore so what's the point? Much love for Daemon Salvatore, though
    • couldn't get past the death of Jon Snow. It took a huge blow, you know. If they killed Jon Snow, they might kill Arya too, or Daenarys! It was all too much :( still thinking if I should finish this series. What do you think? 
    • chose not to continue cause I couldn't bare the thought of Nikk dying :( Can't deny how heavily attached I am to the Mikaelson's 

Series I finished because I knew it would end peacefully : 

    • Ok, this is byfar the most irking yet hard to NOT watch hahaha. I had fun with this one! I have a thing for magic (can't help it)
    • I dislike paranormal movies, what more if it were a full season? But then again, the first few episodes were just, WOW. and the finale spoilers were settling 
  • GRIMM 
    • I'd watch this over and over, and wouldn't mind. The suspense of crime investigation, thrill of new characters (monsters!) in every episode, and realistic build ups of romance and day to day life : 10/10! Oh and I love Wu, and the Rosalee & Monroe love team!
    • genuine romance and heartwarming friendship got me hooked! I just had to get a glimpse of the ending while on episode 3. Truly a memorable k-drama! Tough to move on from #teamJinBin huhuhu I still want to see them in more films / series! or in real life! 
  • LUCIFER and WITCHER : Anything crime-solving and monster slashing : I'm in!!! I must admit I'll finish all the episodes no matter what. *winks* 
    • still in season 1, but I just had to (cautiously) search up parts of the ending for peace of mind, 'cause I'm starting to get seriously attached because of the close resemblance of familial ties, mom/daughter issues, and Jane's dream to be a WRITER!!!!!!
When watching a series, there's time and emotional investment involved. That's why the peace of knowing how it ends, be it good or bad, is what decide if the journey is still worthwhile. 

The same is true in life. We have this familiar timeline instilled by generations - finishing primary to tertiary education, probation to regular employment, a stellar career path, engagement-marriage-family life. But the in-between's have a multitude of chapters with highs and lows, and most of the time, what could happen midway or towards the end is uncertain. As humans, uncertainty is what makes us fall into the spiral of worrying, doubting, getting angry or discouraged, feeling afraid and overwhelmed, or losing to depression like me.

There is an ongoing war against corona virus - a small but lethal enemy that forced shutdown decades of regular systems in place around the world. We are all in that season of uncertainty : 
  • will our families be untouched? will we still be complete after this? 
  • how will we survive the following weeks and possible months of lockdown? 
  • will we still have a job? will our business still thrive? 
  • how and when will it all end? what will the 'new normal' look like? 
This season, this journey, involves time too...and whirlwind of emotions and mental labyrinths. It may be a season of uncertainty, but it is also a season to grow alone and with our families. 

Yes, we are still in the season of a seemingly endless cold winter where everyone is mandated to stay at home, resources are getting scarce, front liners are keeping the city's fuel running, hospitals are overwhelmed, and there is no space and time to grieve over people's deaths, but there is peace in knowing winter is also a time to make sure there is warmth in our homes. It is also a time to enjoy the wonders of a hot cup of coffee or tea, wearing pajamas all day, conversations over home cooked meals, more pillow talks with our spouse and playtime with our kids. 

Yes, we may not know when this winter will end, there is peace in knowing that IT WILL and when it does - summer will begin, and soon thereafter He will bring forth spring. All in its due season, all in His time.

Yes, we are still in the early episodes of this covid-19 lockdown series, but there is peace in knowing that God is with us until the end. 

For now, united in prayer and in efforts to support our country's plans of action - we have to take heart, because the prince of Peace is in our hearts, and He knows how it ends.
33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” - John 16:33 NIV