Purpose-Driven Productivity in Sales #workWithWonder

I finally told myself ENOUGH.

Enough, of this mundane trap where we feel like hamsters running tirelessly without going nowhere. Enough, of settling for "effort counts" without having significant, and tangible results. Enough, of wondering how I could "have been" better. Enough, of the perplexing days where feeling "lost and choked" is accepted as a norm. Enough, of just "getting by"

Enough, of doing the same things over and over.
Enough, doing things on my own - without the Lord being heavily involved
Out of the Water by Askew Mind (c) 2017

The "daily grind" and lack thereof, clouded my mind to the point that I thought night time prayers were enough. BUT IT ISN'T. Relationships aren't built on just one message a day, or a one-sided phone call! Two-way communication is the most basic, even for friendships and work relationships.

I am at fault for not allowing Him to speak to me, and not really paying attention when He does.

So this is my attempt to begin again, to try again, but this time with GOD. And I always start by rediscovering my purpose, through Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life. I went through the 40-Day journey several times now in the past 6 years! And no matter what "phase" I was in, it has never failed.

This time, the phase is about WORK. I used to love work when I was in Marketing. I could literally do lunch and dinner events everyday and talk and talk and talk to small and big groups! But painful things happened two years ago, and then I was moved to Sales last year.

Sure, we all have our WHY - being our families and aspirations and even bucket lists. We all know the WHAT, - being our targets in all facets of the business from new sales, retention, churn and relationship management. But we're all mixed up with the HOW's of it. While the veterans have proven and tested styles, new comers like me can easily fall off the vine without roots! It's been officially a year since the move, and nothing I've been doing is really working! There has to be a system, there has to be a standard, there has to be a blueprint.

My first step is to wake up at 530AM everyday, read the day's chapter of the Purpose Driven Life book while blogging about reflections and realizations, and get ready for work!

My Goal is to #workWithWonder , where a new day begins with excitement and ends with fulfillment. My "how", is through Purpose-Driven Productivity in the role I was blessed with - a Sr. Relationship Manager for Enterprise Sales.

PS : In my past 40-Day Journeys, I wrote my notes, thoughts and prayers in journals. This time I'll mark it here in this blog, where a big part of my passion is, so I can share the journey, and not just the destination when I get there.

Hopefully, whether or not you're in Sales too, you'd somehow find a thing or two in this series that would nudge you to #workWithWonder :) Please pray for me <3 I'll be praying for you too!

Let's do this!!!!!

update : February 2020
quite an awful relapse. had to get back on track again :(