Time in : 10:22 PM 

Here I am.
Lost in a sea of unfinished work, and seemingly infinite "to do's"
It gets worse by the day, because things add up. Little by little, until it becomes a huge hole to a ship that's sure to sink!

I don't want this kind of life Lord.
I don't.

Enough of this already.
I've already wasted 2 years of my life to procrastination, sulking, madness, depression, anxiety. . .
and yet you blessed me with this promotion

You blessed me with so much more than I deserve

I want to be renewed again Lord.

I can't move any further without you. See, everything I do, everything I am, is through YOUR MOVING. through YOUR STRENGTH. through YOUR POWER. through YOUR GRACE.
nothing I ever do great is by my own strength. 

Lord how do I get back to you? How do I start a new journey with you? How do I start right this time? Pagod na ako malunod Lord. Pagod nako on my own Lord. I need you.


For being complacent, for wasting days and weeks and even months to the enemy. I'm sorry. I became weak, vulnerable, and apathetic to what the enemy's attempts are. Only to be in that sinking ship already, now that I've seen how destroyed my ship is.

But you, Oh Lord, you walked on water. you calmed the raging seas. you made way for abundance in fish. So nothign is impossible! You can save me. You can hold my hand and we'll walk on water. Or you can carry me. . . . . . . . . . 

MISS NA MISS NA KITA LORD. Ang tagal na pala. Hindi ko na namalayan.
Im sorry Lord. Please take me again, please take my heart again,
Please let me hear your voice again, please let me feel you again, please.

Know the Truth. Live the Truth. It Changes Everything.