Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Caring Cup Project : Where My Weary Soul Found Rest

Being a first-time mom who's also working full-time, I was emotionally and physically struggling to make ends meet and keep myself together. 

I was in search for solitude. I was yearning to find answers to questions deeply rooted in the desires of my heart. I needed a break. I needed to let God speak to me through other people because I couldn't do it alone anymore. 

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's "MomMe Time" Event was the perfect retreat I needed, and everything was indeed orchestrated by the Lord to answer my prayers.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s MomMe Time (caringcup project with Soul Spa) from The Wonder Human on Vimeo.

5 Beautiful Ways God Spoke to My Heart : 

1. His Letter to Me (given during the "Love Yourself" session) 
I've read this letter so many times before, that's why it was a very emotional moment to have read it again. The letter reminded me of all His promises, His loving affirmations, and thoughts about me. Reading it again made me feel loved, and calmed my spirit - despite the hurt, doubt, fears, and worries I brought with me that day. Sharing it with you, with hopes that it would bless you too. (you can download the file here)  

2. Through Fellowship with Other Moms 
I was 10mins late, and the timing couldn't have been better because I was seated where God intended me to so I could meet three women who helped calm my storm. Wonderful names I'll really remember - Alona, Brenda, and Liza. I also met Farrah in the regrouping session, who had her own story of admirable strength. And though we were of different ages, we all shared the heartache and glory of motherhood. 

3. A Glimpse of My Aspirations  
Bits and pieces of who I am aspiring to become someday are there - 
  • Marjorie, who wrote a book as God's way of speaking to the hearts of women 
  • Mariane, who left her corporate career and is now a lifecoach and a public speaker, covering purpose and passion. She wrote a book as well! 
  • Kat, who allowed God to write her love story; and is a visual artist doing what she loves 
I couldn't stop thanking God with how amazing He planned and timed this moment. He showed me what the deepest desires of my heart would look like, and more importantly - laid out a clear path as to HOW I could get there. 

4. Answering the Worksheets / Prompts  
Sometimes we do not really know what we know until we write them down, that's why I keep a journal, a planner, and this blog (of course). We had a few prompts we had to answer, and it was where I rediscovered my passion and purpose. It's the "deep dive", the "drill down", and "zoom in" of all the big picture of my dreams. 

5. The Watercolor Session AND Interpretation 
When Kat said, "I can interpret strokes, the choice of color. . . " , I was definitely excited to have mine read through. I initially planned on just one gold ripple (representing my passion for teaching and making an impact), but somewhere in between I ended up allowing myself to flow and just be. I had a different explanation for my symbols, but she magnificently interpreted my painting as if she knew me. That was where I really felt that God was speaking to me. "You have so much responsibilities and roles. But it's ok to say no. They will still love you. You're great at what you do. You know it. You give it all, when you share yourself. Yes, it's ok to say no." 


I went home with a heart so full and overflowing with God's grace and love. There were a lot of things I had to unlearn, and relearn - like how I am loved by God, my Ikigai, the things I am truly passionate about, and to just say YES. DO IT. START PLANTING. NOW.


1. Be thankful even when it is difficult.
2. Say YES to Rest.
3. I need to believe God's promises, not my thoughts and feelings. Let your mind work wonders.
4. Invest in your gifts. When you don't use it, you'll lose it.
5. Do not passively comply and inwardly resent
6. God turns chaos into order.
7. Say a thousand "no's", and give way to the best YES.
8. "Bless this person more, and then bless me NEXT".

I'll make it a goal to have personal reflections, and concrete action steps taken, from being guided by these 8 messages as I course through the remaining months before I turn twenty-six. Yes, one of each!  I'll treat it like an advance birthday gift to myself. 

THANK YOU, CBTL Community, for having events that touch hearts, and change lives.


I sent a long and desperate email, and was surprised to receive a genuine and favorable response that gave way to the above experience :)

Here's my email : 

Hello CBTL Community! 

Your MomMe Time event might just be the retreat I’ve been needing after a few weeks of stuggling with my post partum phase. 

I’m a first-time mom, who gave birth to a wonderful baby boy last November 2017. Before he was born, I was boldly pursuing my corporate career while setting aside my passion projects. But since I started going back to work, the immense desire to stay and take care of him just grew by the day. It got harder, to the point that I fell into weeks of depression. At the same time, I have this immense desire to be a stay at home mom while I finally pursue my passion projects. I’m still in the process of planning it all through but a breather is what I really need at the moment. 

I am hoping to be one of the few you’d bless to be part of your event. I feel it would be a safe place to learn and reignite my passion, come in fellowship with other moms, and also find joy in a playful release of positive energy through the watercolor session. All the more is it made perfect because of coffee / tea. 

Looking forward to hear from you, whatever the verdict.

Thank you very much and God bless! 

Keep sharing your warmth,