Hello, Wonder Human!

Painting by the talented Clare Elsaesser 

Yes YOU.

Of a million sites and gazillion whereabouts, you're here! And I believe it's not an accident.  Nothing is ever an accident. Everything has a purpose.

The Wonder Human, celebrates just that - living a life of purpose, and wonder, in ALL circumstances.

Here at TWH

You may freely wonder as your life's role at the moment. Feel free to stroll along the nostalgic lane of the past, or tickle your buds of curiosity about the future.


You may wonder about a lot things in the universe, but TWH focuses on things that matter.

Wonder About . . .   G O D  |  L O V E  |  F A M I L Y  |  R E L A T I O N S H I P S  |  T I M E / D E L A Y S  |  F I N A N C E S  |  H E A L T H  |  D R E A M S  |  W H A T S N E W

There is always a state of wonder, that can be lifechanging and character shaping. Thus, TWH creates a light of 'wonder' even at the most odd, and painful circumstances,

While you are . . .   W A I T I N G  |  W O R R I E D  |  P R A Y I N G  |  A N G R Y  |  D I S A P P O I N T E D  |  S C A R E D  |  C O N F U S E D  |  I N P A I N  |  D O U B T I N G  | 


Life's full of surprises, and just like a child we are delighted with the simplest of things that bring us joy. In this cluttered world, one may find escape and sweet solace inside this -

Box of Wonder . . .  P R O S E N' P O E T R Y  |  L O V E N O T E S  |  L E T T E R S  |  H A P P Y P I L L S  |  P A S S I O N  |  M E M O R Y L A N E  |  R E V I E W S  | 


TWH has different seasons as well, thus the constantly changing S T A T E O F W O N D E R  

This blog is formerly "Beapatricia.com", and a whole lot of names in the years (and a decade) prior. But I've come to realize the purpose of my life along the way. . . and of all truths, this is what stands out : "IT'S NOT ABOUT ME. It never was, and it never will be".

So for now, here at TWH, hopefully, it'll be more about you.

And at the end of every story, I pray you share the same thought : That it's all about HIM.