Cafe Hopping in Cebu (part 1)

The queen goes to Coffee Prince for a visit.

It was mid day in Cebu, when I decided to go for an adventure nearby. Luckily, just a few kilometers from the hotel I was checked in, was this cafe that seemed like a beautiful rustic home from a distance. 

Double decks divided a staircase and small wooden fences, stuffed toys and cozy pillows on the floor, elevated areas with the same theme, and a few couches with high tables - this was kind of set up here. 

I had the place to myself and for a while it felt as if I was this 13 year old girl enthralled by this very playful experience.

And so - I took the top deck, and had a cute nerdy companion to enjoy my cup of matcha latte with. 

A few hours of working seemed like minutes, and it was definitely such a breeze to have this kind of environment once in a while. Sad to say I wasn't able to write that much or even read, but the experience was still worthwhile. 

Isn't this a step closer to my dreams of exploring quaint cafes in Europe, and the world? Ah, I believe so! 

After all, it's in the simple, little things. . . 

In one way or another, God gives us a glimpse of our biggest dreams, and somehow prepares us for it. 

Onto the next adventure!