#161 : Autumn, where have you been.

It's been months.

I have forgotten to savor the rawness of my emotions.
I crave the words that used to strike a chord that reverberates through,
I long for smell of dried leaves and fainted flowers, the cool mist and stillness before dawn,
I yearn for the kiss of warmth as the sun greets me with awe,

When I close my eyes, and travel through time - the future, I must say -
I can see clearly, I can strongly taste, and I can loudly hear, moments that breathe life to this dream.

Oh, Autumn.
Red, orange leaves beautifully scattered,
Cozy warm sweaters, notebooks and pens, and perfectly brewed coffee,
Cinnamon bark, vanilla candles, gray blankets, and music
Long walks at the park, and echoing laughter,
The city, the buildings, the art galleries, the libraries,
Quaint secret places to sneak in for a meal's surprise,
A mid days' rest under a tree with hanging lights,
Reminders of love, tokens of love. . .

I mourn for my dreams.
It feels as if they have been frozen by the pains of reality.

It's been months.
'Don't let them die, don't let them die,' my heart screams, and pleads.

I am autumn.
Still beautiful even when everything else seems dying.