#162 : Let Love Grow, Let Love Be

Let this be the beginning of another chapter of our lives, 
side by side, hand in hand; 
two for, and against; 
together, in every milestone; 
together, in good and bad days, 
from worse to having better, 
overcoming the worst and celebrating the best

"It's not perfect, but we're getting there" 
After all, to strive for perfection is having Him in the center.
God is love, and love is God. 

...and we are learning to be more like Him, 
we are growing as we strive for this goal, 
we are 'becoming' the person He has created us to be

From quite-more-than a year ago, 
when there was you, and me, 
we let love grow, we let love be
now it's "US" and "WE"