#160 : Long Time No See


Draft after draft after draft, I haven't kept a single post left to be published. It happens all the time and it frustrates me sometimes. 

I have this dire need to write, and I just --- 


What's happening - 

Is it the strife to perfect a seemingly readable content? Is it what I'm feeling? is it the lack of something to write about? Has my enthusiasm died, or is my passion for writing just asleep? 

...or is it the lack of time, to write? or the dullness and exhaustion daily commute brings about that makes me feel too lazy to set up my laptop and blog? 

Oh I still write, of course. I write on my journal, I jot down memories on my Day One App (that's still alive, by the way! Happy 2nd anniversary, Day One!) but I just don't seem to be blogging anymore. 

Let's try. Let's keep trying. 

THIS BLOG is a part of me, and I will not let it die. 

Thank YOU for still dropping by, dear stranger. 
I'll be posting soon. . . and perhaps a short post would still be worth reading. 

Yes? Yes. 
Be blessed more!