#156 : Home

It's not easy to believe again, completely love again.
It's not easy to trust again, and begin again.

We're often so afraid of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to what make us very, very happy because it's the very same thing that could hurt us, and break us. I know I am.

When we hold back, and keep our walls high, we think we're guarding ourselves when in fact - this hurts us, and what we're trying to keep out.

Someday I'll have the courage to completely let go of all the things that are holding me back.
Someday I'll have the courage to allow myself to live in the moment, and be genuinely happy, because I believe I deserve to be.
Someday I'll finally trust my heart with how much love it can hold, without worrying about the slightest possibility of it breaking.
Someday I'll understand "perfect love casts out all fear" completely and believe how it will always endure.

...and I just pray, that if someday happens, because God says it's time, you'll still lovingly tell me that you're here, you're staying, and that I'd always be the only one, you'll want to come home to.

welcome home.