#155 : The Kind of Love that's Beautiful

In a world where superficial pseudo-relationships are a trend and how fast the pace of dating is, it's almost easy to have a stained view of love. Most often than not, this trial-and-error phase some people are into, leave hearts broken or leave a mark of emptiness once it's over. Our hearts are most often compromised when testing compatibility. Some people are only in it while the benefits last, while things are interesting and going well, or until they feel it's worth continuing. In most cases, two people just enjoy the benefits of 'dating' but don't really end up being a couple. Is it really about labels? Is it really like this? Does it really have to be like this?

When it gets tough, when the ugliest parts are revealed, when imperfections become thoroughly visible -  only two people who really, really love each other and are committed to each other, would make it. It's about love and commitment. 

Perhaps it's ok to meet people, perhaps it's ok to get to know someone a little deeper, perhaps it's ok to discover parts of yourself and experience the different aspects of life while dating, perhaps it's ok to go through the roller coaster ride of dating. . . as long as you can guard your heart well. But it's honestly almost impossible to do that when you're the type of person who takes things like these seriously. "Losen up and have fun," they say. Why, that's easy if both people have the same mind set. 

But if you're someone like me.  .  .

who believes that pain and heartbreak takes away a part of ourselves we can never have back. Though we gain experience and learn from it, it would still be unutterably beautiful to give yourself wholly to someone. . . and learn from every experience with that person you are committed to for the rest of your life. It's quite ideal, and it's seemingly ridiculous for some, but I truly would want to reserve my whole heart for the one He has prepared for me.

Like what my papa always tells me, and with words of wisdom from my favorite preachers as well - "you don't have to experience something to learn from it, because it can break you, and it can change you. . . you don't have to experience something just to know what pain feels like. All these things will come at the right time, with the right person."

I think there are still those who dream of having something real, and true. I think there are still those who believe in a lifetime kind of love. I always have, I always will. . .

Let me share my list of couples I admire most. Despite how some relationships seem to be nowadays, the kind of relationship I want and dream of, is still in my heart. And I keep praying, that God would prepare me well for when He says it's time. To love most genuinely, to give one's self wholly. . . To be loved unconditionally and accepted completely. 

Let me start from the oldest, to the youngest / newly weds.

Pastor Peter Tan-Chi, and wife Deonna.
You can read more about their love story HERE! :)

Literally East and West and opposites of everything, but the Lord brought them together. Opposites do attract, yes? Yes...It's all His plan, and in His time, indeed!

Married for 41 years and counting, their love for Christ has and passion for serving them has blessed them tremendously! And their daughter, Joy, is one of women I admire most and has given me a glimpse of the woman I want to be.

You can read more about them,
and find inspiration in his works HERE!
Bo Sanchez, and wife Marowe. 

17 years and counting. . . how does Bo Sanchez keep the fire burning? He dates his wife regularly and still courts her everyday. More than anything, he loves God more than he loves her...by doing so, he can love her more.

It's amazing, the things he shares about relationships, the sound advises he gives men and women when it comes to pursuing godly relationships.

You'll be amazed by what you'll be reading here! I PROMISE!!!!
Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza and husband Edric.

I've been a fan of hers since 2012 and yes, I see myself in her in so many ways from her passion in writing and for the Lord, hence clearly giving me a glimpse of the woman God is transforming me into! Her different roles as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and as a woman of the Lord is all astounding and unbelievably real as she genuinely keeps writing about them. Even their journey as husband and wife, the trials they experience and are able to overcome through Christ, how they resolve issues and how they raise their kids (even specifics about their adventures in home schooling), she writes about everything! Something I would most likely keep doing til I'm 70. . . This truth again shines most clear - A God-centered marriage, is one the deepest desires of my heart. When God is at the center, everything else follows. When a man loves Christ more than he loves his wife, he is able to love her more despite his flaws and human frailties, and likewise. When you know God, you know love, are able to give and receive love.

Onto the newly weds. . . 

Maricar Reyes Poon and husband, Richard.
Read about their thoughts, & adventures and be amazed

Theirs is a story of redemption, and a love He has truly blessed them with. We all know Maricar's past, yes? He indeed makes all things new, and everything is made beautiful in His time. 

Richard on the other hand, being naturally impatient in dating, was pushed to wait for the time he was most certain about pursuing her heart. Oh, and her # is in his most (well, the only frequently) dialed calls and he included that in his vows. Haha cute :P

Kim and Jericho Rosales.
You can watch their incredibly beautiful wedding video HERE

If you browse through some of their photos, you could evidently see how much he loves her just by the way he looks at her.

After dating for more than a year, all the adventures, and romantic gestures lead by Echo went straight to 'I do'. I love the colors their love exudes!

Maybe it's not about how long you've known each other. If God ordains it, it will happen.

Iya and Drew Arellano.
WEDDING IS!!! Go see for yourself

Oh, how they've grown in love! 10 years and they've reached the ultimate goal (supposedly) of every dating-relationship - MARRIAGE.

They're probably the coolest celebrity couple out there and in fact, one of the living proofs that lovers can be best friends too and it's gonna be more awesome as time goes by. 

and and I just love what he told her on their wedding day!

“Honey, I promise to give you the freedom to be a successful girl you’re destined to be… Know this. I this journey, I’ll hold your hand. I’ll always be there. So don’t be afraid to follow your dreams and all the sacrifices I will bear. My love, I vow to love and care for you even if I run out of words to say. Let’s start this adventure and I promise you, through thick and thin, we will always be together, " 

They are truly blessed! Watch their wedding video,
and be blessed too
Toni and Paul Sorriano

Love is patient. . . indeed. True love waits, just like how God has made everything beautiful in its own season. If you are losing your faith in true love, hold on a little tighter. It exists. . . because HE LIVES. You'll have your own version, in His perfect time.

I admire Toni for her strength, and standing firm with her faith. I pray I also would, and this is my heart's deepest desire - to one day, be stronger and stand more firm with my faith. I admire Paul for his patience, and being a man after God's own heart. He who finds a godly wife, is blessed beyond measure. 

What examples do you see around you that make you believe in this kind of love?

Hold on to that. Believe that you too, will one day, share a similar kind of love with the person that's meant for you.

For me, the kind of love that's beautiful, is centered in Him and orchestrated by Him. More like, the right person at the right time, because nothing is forced. 

As Neem Callway states it :
If marriage isn't the goal, then what's the point? 
Date when you're ready, not when you're lonely.

True, true. . .
Our hearts, bodies and souls aren't to be messed with.

On the other hand, while waiting and preparing yourself to be 'the one', prepare yourself for the unexpected, as well. You won't know how God will just suddenly surprise you.

I kissed dating goodbye even before I attempted to; and that cost someone's heart (I guess).

I became so focused with myself, and the things I want to do, the things I want to be. I focused more on the Lord, and my family. Somewhere in between running the race, someone wanted to join me.

I've prayed about it since day 1. I've constantly been praying that He would help me guard my heart and discern well, and that His will and timing would prevail. I don't know why God is allowing this phase of my life to exist, and how it will turn out to be in the coming months.... or years, even! But I believe in His purpose. Whatever His plans are - may I have the courage to love and be loved unconditionally and faithfully with a seal of commitment and His permission; or... gracefully accept bidding goodbye to an almost-kind-of-love. 

Pray for me too? 

I'd love to write about how this journey of my life would turn out to be. I'd want to share that with souls who have been getting a glimpse of my thoughts and adventures.