Day 145 : Before I Turned 22

Backtrack : Last Day of August

Today I feel like writing a letter to myself. One I'll probably read years from now, that would also make a good letter-ception. Or maybe I could just list down everything I could think of to cut the long story short. Yes? Yes.

"He makes all things new"

I feel alive. I feel like a new creation.

It's amazing how God has turned everything around. It's as if

True enough, the best years of my life have finally begun.

I embrace the last month of being 21. True enough, the most drastic changes have taken place in what seemed like years, all wrapped up in 11 months. God is never late, never early; He does not waste a tear, He creates all things new, His delays are never denials, He gives exceedingly beyond, His timing is always perfect.

I'd like to end the month with this line, since it pretty much sums up a great story -

This is by far the most fascinating of all mysteries, and for the first time I can say that it's okay. I'm okay with it. Better things are coming ahead. I am being prepared to receive the best, to experience the best, have the best.