Day 144 : When the Heart Laughs

In a world full of clutter and noise in all forms of media, we often have a distorted view of reality. It's so easy to get carried away by day to day mishaps and frustrations that sometimes we forget to listen to our hearts, and appreciate it when it smiles, or laughs.

No, listening to our hearts isn't -all at once- about grand things your heart desires like making your dreams come true, or reaching your career / financial goal, or being successful, or living a life of passion and fulfilling your purpose. It's the vision, yes. It's what motivates you everyday, yes. But what about what's in between?

It's as simple as this - there are a lot of things to be thankful for, and there is probably at least one moment in a day that made us smile - waking up in comfy sheets, sun rise, a delicious meal, doing something silly, a compliment, an embrace, a kiss on the forehead - savor that moment. Live in it for a while, and listen to how it makes your heart smile. . . and at times, laugh.