Day 135 : The Beauty in Solitude

Since I discovered the joys of spending time alone, I made it a point to have my weekly (if not daily) doses of shutting the world out, whether it be in a cafe, the corner of my room or at the coffee table while having breakfast, at the park or the plaza nearby while walking or waiting for sun rise. 

Today I decided to go on a mini-retreat. Mini, because it isn't in a retreat house or a place in the mountains like Calaruega or Antipolo. Mini, because there is is no program in need of facilitators, and time constricted activities. Mini, because this is the first time I'm doing this. *here's to a new tradition! :)

Though physically tired from all the walking, I felt renewed after almost an entire day out. The quiet moments I had all to myself and the in-between's of writing, walking, admiring the sky, experiencing new sensations - make me feel alive. There's surely a lot more to discover, a lot of places to visit here and around the world, and today I was given a glimpse of my dreams and I thank the Lord for the heart He has given me. It just feels amazing, to even feel this way about such things.

It's in appreciating the small things that we are able to fully appreciate the bigger ones. 


Makati was the perfect place to start because. . .

I need not elaborate that much, because I feel some things are most treasured when kept or shared with only a few because its value is more preserved. 

I'll let my photos do the talking. As cliche as it sounds, photos do speak a thousand words. 

Strolling along the streets of Makati Ave. 
This is my subway for now. . . It's all about perspective.
Traces of love and romance in places I go to. It fascinates me.
This is more than just a photo;
more than a reflection of myself in the photo. 
Because flowers will always have that classic, romantic appeal. 
Random acts of kindness are never limited to human recipients.

A glimpse is enough for now. Museums will wait for me.

For a while, my soul was in Greece. 
Lights have this inexplicable effect on me.
Heart strings pulled, all the time.

Secret space. . . and all things lovely.

Delightful treats while my thoughts take me to places.
Doses of poetry, and love, everywhere I go.

Ticket to the world...not far from the actual 'white christmas', eh? 

Seeing the world from a distance.