Day 134 : For My Dearest Brother

I am at my best when I write. Writing is one of the things I am most passionate about. To write is to reveal a part of me to the world.

To write about people I love, is like sharing my heart to the world. Today, I am writing about you and that means a lot to me.

Today I honor you, for being a man who, despite imperfections and frailties, still endlessly strives to serve the Lord and be a man after His own heart.

Today I honor you, for being my brother and first best friend.

Today I honor you, for the roles that I think glorifies Him best - a husband, and a father to Milan&CieloMia.

For countless reasons of course, but let me tell you a few.

You are a living proof of God's miracles. 
In many many ways, you are a living testimony of His love, mercy and grace that saves, heals, and makes all things new. Beauty from ashes, gold refined by fire.

You are one of my pillars of strength. 
Not because you are strong, but because of the countless times I've seen you conquer even the deadliest battles in your life, and I mean that literally. Your many weaknesses, made me see how God's strength, God's hand, is most evident in your life.

You relentlessly pursue the people you love. 
You were the first to buy me flowers, and the first to give me tokens of love - like the silver necklace with a B-pendant you saved up for. I know you love me, but how it felt for the first time to be given tokens of love - ahhhh I wouldn't have it any other way, because you were the first guy who made me feel beautiful and special, without a trace of doubt in my heart. Of course, papa's methods are entirely different. I know that the last might have different methods too, but surely you'd want him to pursue me relentlessly, like you and papa.

Your tokens of love for mama just because, and how you surprise her on special occasions, and how you try to win her over after you repeatedly make mistakes, and how you constantly promise to change for the better and how you did. . . Your classic expression of love - time, and the little things like notes, flowers, stuff toys, mixed tapes and cds, a bag of chips - even. How you were ever so sweet and affectionate to ate. . .

You set the bar high, from how you constantly made time for me despite your busy "schedule". You were the first to make me value time spent together may it be at big scoop, maggoos, mcdo or at home with movies and pizza. Remember those days we played Fight Night and NBA Ballers with double burger machine combos with extra chili con carne and bags of V-Cut on the side? I kept all those priceless memories in my heart. You taught me the value of time. We make time for people we love.

You inspired me to follow my heart, and do what I love best.
The poems and raps you scrawled on loose sheets, the melody in your head recorded on mixed tapes, how raw your feelings were in every love letter and card you wrote, the way you lose yourself to slow jams or reggaeton or hiphop or party music on the dance floor, how you sing in front of the mirror like a famous RnB&soul artist, how you took care of your body with all the right food and exercise and ironically - how you kept experimenting on dishes and constantly tweaked simple meals to make it more delicious. . . These things, I've seen and captured vividly on my mind. No wonder why I'm better than you already (hehehehe) But yes, my passion for writing, music, dancing, fitness and health, and cooking - was ignited by your example.

Your high regard and value for family.
I know, because you already have your own family. But looking at how things were back in those days you were here, family time was very abundant, though mostly at home - it didn't matter. Through thick and thin, family is family.

and it all goes back to the Lord - 
being the center of everything. We have our own versions of our love story with Him, but it all goes back to one fact, that repeatedly surfaces through : when the Lord is at the center, everything is in place; everything gravitates towards the core; there is an unshakable foundation of love.