Day 130 : Writing, Music, Time and Love

All in one photo - Writing, Music, Time and Love. || My thoughts like a whirlwind on canvas; the beat of my heart in harmony with my song; leaving traces of my soul in every memory; the most beautiful paradox that breathes life into everything. 

I can't believe I finally have my journal! I've waited quite a very long time for this to come to life, from searching on Etsy to checking Fully Booked branches for their plain leather journals. . .
The joy in the room was very palpable, as I was unwrapping the package earlier this evening. What added to the bliss was the smile on my parents' faces. It feels wonderful, when they're happy seeing me happy.


Well, I've had several journals in the past but this one, this one's extremely special.

I'll finally be starting this tradition, for the years, and decades to come :')

I'm very much thrilled! Oh, wonderful years, best years ahead!

Thank you, Lord.

This lovely customized journal was crafted by Alunsina Handbound Books