Small Talk #007 : Walls and Patches

They say that if you build a wall, it can keep out pain.

Yes, but it can also keep out love. 

Well, I'm not terrified of pain.

Then why build a wall in the first place? 

To keep myself in.
Pain is something inevitable. It comes with loving, but I'm not afraid of that.
I'm terrified of how fiercely I can love. 
I think I'd want to save myself from a series of heartaches before the right one comes along.
I want to save all the love, and everything else that comes along with it, for him.

Ah, but how would you know it's finally him? 

I'll take that leap of faith, perhaps.
But that's the thing -

You don't know when, 
and if you should...
and if it will all be worth it.