Day 128 : Past Fall

I say this quite often - Oh, how time flies! 

But October was filled with everything that could have taken months. Time has its own array of surprises that make you feel it's running slow and fast at the same time.

It's crazy.

I've been discovering parts of myself lately that I never knew existed, and it's overwhelming in a pleasant way, but there's also this part of me that loudly questions why I am allowing such things to be unraveled at this point in time. Will it be worth it? 

I've always believed that there is a time for everything, and that everything is made beautiful in His time. Yet the frailty of human consciousness and the natural desire to take risks sometimes triggers one's self to go past speed limits. Will it be worth it? 

The challenge now, has increased its gravity and after-effects.

How will you know if you won't try?
How will you know what's inside the box, if you won't open it? 

Must everything be tried first?
Must every box, be opened?

I've been preparing myself all the while. 

Everyday we continue growing, we continue living, we continue making choices that would eventually take us to the future.

This is "the now", this is the "present", but of course it will one day be all part of the past.

The deepest desires of my heart, haven't changed a bit - I still want that. 
I pray my choices today would still lead me to that.