Day 126 : Sunshine through your Window

How are you this October?

I'm feeling spectacular, thank you. 

My post ( Timed Thoughts ) written a week ago might tell you otherwise but I'm absolutely far from that state today. I'm thankful I had to experience that kind of storm surge caused by my thoughts because it allows me to embrace that side of me that I think is most fragile, and I'm also thankful I didn't go through it alone. 

Truth be told, the succeeding days have lead me to pick out more valuable things to ponder on, especially with how new things have been adding up lately in different aspects. I can sometimes be overly talkative when it comes to blogging, and of course I believe in the beauty of sharing joy, but there are things rather kept dearly while in progress. At least, it's all mine to keep until ready to be shared. It's going to be legen ---- wait for it! 

That aside. . . 

The core reason of this seemingly overflowing joy in my heart, is the Lord - His being, His divine orchestration, His countless blessings and surprises, His love. I've learned over the years, and even more so lately, that when God is at the center, everything else gravitates in order. Nothing is ever too late or too early, there is a deep sense of peace, time is made more valuable. Nearly halfway through the journey, but taking it one day at a time is truly wonderful for me. 

It might be hard to understand from a spectator's point of view, but this is my truth, and I pray that someday my posts might just reflect it more clearly. 

All is well. 

Hello, October :) You'll surely be better than September. 
Isn't that always the case?
Life is good, and it just keeps getting better and better.