Day 124 : Timed Thoughts

3 minutes starts now.

roller coaster. hanging, in mid-air. the loop. no, yes. no? a dream. warning, or subconscious fear? engraved. instinct, or fear? life. risks. steps. leap. time. about time. what about time. time is of the essence. time is gold, time trickles away like sand but when spent well, remain as diamonds. count diamonds, as you make the days count. About Time. Living each day as if it were the last, living each day as if you were revisiting that day. Time travel. lost. in space. uncertainty. lost in the stars. the moon. what about the moon. once in a blue moon. what? I'm confused. where am I. what line am I in? is this even making sense. fall. autumn. leaves. take me there. sometimes I think my mind is so beautiful, and bold. but sometimes it's madly, insanely dark. equilibrium. quiet, restful state. balance. is there ever such a thing? probably. do I contemplate too much? perhaps. or maybe I am selective. I only focus on the things that matter. I need not contemplate about the whys and hows of things that do not. things need not be complicated. simplicity brings peace, simplicity is beauty. a simple life is a peaceful life. a simple life, makes room for beautiful things - that matter. lalala. what's the matter. spiraling over and over, I can't even stop at one point and tell where exactly I am. scattered stars. they shine tonight. immensely. stars seemingly shine the brightest, when the sky is clear and at its darkest. so what's the matter, Bea. what's the matter. the One who holds the stars, also holds you dearly. So surrender every thought, every worry, every fear, and every trace of anxiety, to the Lord, because the sole reason of it all, matters. And He has everything taken care of. He has it all figured out. Trust, surrender, and believe, that He is greater than all of the things that try to weigh your heart down. He is God, after all. 

I came across this. 
I found peace.