Day 123 : Begin Again

I've been constantly deleting drafts for the past few days until today, when everything finally made sense. It's definitely not a coincidence - the date today, the birth of ideas and specific plans, the sudden prompt to fill in the pages of my journal with my soul && of course, OSTs of "Begin Again" that's been playing over and over since I-do-not-remember-when-anymore. Patching up the pieces, today's simply right.

The 9th of September last year, was day 40 of my "Purpose Driven Life" journey. . . the day the day the storm ended, the day His plans for my life started to unfold. I've been constantly writing about how the years, specifically last year, has prepared me. And yes, maybe this month is the perfect time to have things aligned. Ready? Ready.

Ah, I am very much thrilled for the upcoming 40 day journey late this month!

Somewhere in between, a lot of things will be in progress - things triggered by the first step I just made today, when I came to realize that it's never too late to begin again. Surely, God is never late or early. Everything is made beautiful in His time. And today, is just. . . beautiful.

Note :
I had to include this screen shot, because I surely won't be using the same phone 5-10 years from now but I will definitely read back to this post again someday. I did not expect this response, hence it brought me to tears because of being reminded of how blessed I am to have people who see through me, and believe in me... despite being perfectly flawed. This just made walk in confidence, to make bolder steps in my attempt to begin again.

And yet again, it's not a coincidence that even the following posts seem to be fitting pieces of the puzzle. It's amazing! 

Let this be my prayer . . . let this be my guide.
Let this be yours, too. 
After all, you are also His daughter; His son.
We can do all things through Christ. 

And finally. . .