Day 122 : Countdown #00 - All is Well

The greatest gift on my birthday is my family and the love that's ever growing, and I can't thank Him enough for this truly wonderful blessing of celebrating my birthday with them. It was rather an intimate celebration, one I'll keep with me until the next. I cherish this day, and mark it as the first of many birthday celebrations with depth and more meaning. It feels great to have them with me, as I start living the best years of my life. 

Beautiful isn't it? Someday, I'll be posting the same photo. . .
(hoping that the place would still look nearly as lovely, or better)
But it won't be empty.
I see myself right there, in the middle,
smiling, while in the arms of people I love - perhaps my family,
the love of my life, and maybe even, our own family.
All is Well. 

Life's journey is like a Ferris wheel. Sometimes you're closest to the ground, sometimes you're on cloud nine way up on top. And then there are phases where you gradually move down again, and phases where you slowly rise. It's simply a cycle that never stops, but in every rotation, our character is being shaped; our hearts strengthened; our principles and values tested and engraved.

My center axle is Christ. Through the highs and lows and everything in between, He holds me. Because He is my center, everything else does not just fall into place - it has its own place, its own time. The key is trust. Trusting that He has my best interests at heart, trusting that His timing is always perfect, trusting that He gives me the best version of my dreams, trusting that all things are possible with Him, trusting that my heart, and my future, is secure with Him. This beautiful realization did not come by easily, for I had to go through a lot just to have this truth rooted in my being. Living it out won't always be easy because I'm only human - I have a whirlwind of emotions, I make mistakes, I get stubborn or selfish sometimes, I'm weak and vulnerable. I've learned that it takes day-to-day surrender and faith, and constant communication through prayer.

The past years of my life has prepared me for today. The past year, specifically, has prepared me for today, and my best years ahead. From the storm, from fire, from pressured coal. . . I'm finally here.

Ah, yes. ALL IS WELL.
Praise God.