Day 121 : Countdown #01 - Last of being 21

"When you see the least, when you feel the least, that's when God is working the most. God works in secret and then suddenly He brings things out into the open." 

I simply smiled upon waking. Oh, hello September! It's my month (yeah, yeah, yeah!), and the start of Christmas season, and we're four months away from 2015! Who's excited? Me. It thrills me to even think of the wonderful things God has in store for me in the coming days, weeks, months. . . Meanwhile, I'll sit back and relax, stay and wait, trust and believe.

I can't believe everything drastic took place in a span of one year, when all of it could have been spread out in years. But surely, God's time is the best time. And now I'm hours away from another phase of my life, another chapter waiting to unfold!

I'm ready. More than ever.