Day 120 : Countdown #02 - Seasons, Reasons

It's the last day of the month. How time flies! August went by just like that, and we're saying hello to September in a few hours! I'm feeling a roller coaster of emotions, and thoughts keep pounding hard.

Summer is over, in most parts of the world. Fall is here, Christmas is near. It's one of my dreams to experience all four seasons, especially Autumn, in some place soulful. Someday.

I feel so drawn to these things. . . I am one with these things.

Last year I found solace in embracing the season of autumn in my life. Beauty from ashes. Gold refined by fire. Diamonds from coal. Three statements I kept telling myself over and over, every waking day.

Autumn is beautiful even if everything else is dying.
That's the thing - finding something beautiful out of everything.

It's not easy, it never is. But eventually it becomes rooted in your heart, that it won't allow feelings of despair, resentment or distress to linger a little longer than it should. It's a matter of perspective. After all, our thoughts hold such power over our lives that it either destroys, or builds.

There is beauty in weakness, because it is where strength is found, and activated more.
There is beauty in pain, because the aftermath is where we truly come to appreciate joy even more.
There is beauty in failure, because the taste of success is evidently sweeter.
There is beauty in imperfection, because we know how to embrace what's real.

Yes, my season of winter has passed. Cold, dark and deadly.
Spring came by in a snap. Vibrant, colorful and blossoming.
Summer has gone, too. Warm, refueling, and serene.

It's Autumn again, but in a completely different sense.
This is my season, after all :)

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