Day 119 : Countdown #03 - Guardians

Nothing possibly more euphoric, 
than being surrounded with beautiful, glowing lights.
Oh, I don't mind staying here,
for even just a little while.

There's just something majestic about scattered lights - a star studded sky, a tunnel of lights, hanging lights in trees or simply a landscape embellished with lights, flying lanterns, fireworks. . . they have this inexplicable effect on my soul, that makes me sigh in awe. From His creation to genius man-made inventions, oh my! 

Now I feel like I'm dancing in mid air.

It's surprising how this countdown is making sense, when I did not even know what exactly I'd be writing about before I started it. All it takes is a leap of faith, and joyful surrender. God is amazing like that. Always, always. :) 

So, we're on three days 'til 9/2. Recap of elements :
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