Day 118 : Countdown #04 - Mother and Daughter

I would have loved posting a clearer photo of her that captures
her smile, or laugh, or her natural deep set eyes. . . but as much as I'd
want to share it to the world, some treasures are best held closely and preserved.
She likes it that way...
so here's rather a blurry glimpse of our queen,
The epitome of grace, and selfless love, in my life.
Let me share a piece of her by doing what I love best.
I had her all to myself this afternoon : snuggling in cold sheets, hearing her laugh and seeing her smile, as I endlessly kept babbling about myself. Oh, just wonderful! Moments like this aren't rare, but I just find today extra special because it's rather intimate, and it's part of my 9 day countdown.

Our relationship is like gold tested through fire. Through the highs and lows in my life, the wrong turns and breakthrough, failures and accomplishments. . . our major to minor differences, conflict handling, means of enjoying. . . and everything else. The warmth of her embrace, my safe haven. The smile on her face, my drive.

She is beautiful.
Quirks and character, flaws and madness, altogether. I love how natural she is, any time of the day. I especially admire her for how she takes care of herself, that has prolonged the touch of youth, marks of birth giving and the (slowly) compounding weight aside. She's our Beyonce. Hahaha. Someday I also want to age beautifully like her, and my grandma too. Oh and the basics passed on : always comfort over style, classic over trendy, plains over prints, pastels over loud, simple over flashy, white...lots and lots of white.

She values priceless things.
Even before I entered kindergarten, she already taught me how to write and read (hmmm). We'd bond over books, and write letters to papa. I remember her writing in sheets of yellow pad paper and reading her soul poured out. Pursuit for excellence - my student life in 3 words and yes, because of her constant guidance and patience, and desire to see me give my best. Her high regard for education and the set of values imbibed by the school's upbringing, combined with how she and my father has raised us with all the traditional-rules-and-character-shaping-methods, made me how I am now. Every sacrifice they did is priceless, and very much worth it. I know someday I'll definitely able to fully give back to them, but even just the thought of seeing the smiles on their faces when everything else is smooth sailing, is already priceless.

She is a woman of faith & strength. 
In the later years of my life, I've seen her through her struggles, the pain of every 'what if'. I know her faintest cry, the burdens and strife, and I could not even hold her on my own. Yet her heart is ever so enduring, and tender. Though vulnerable, she fires up with strength all the time. She conquers because of her faith. And I'll always look up to her for that.

She is a woman of love.
She loves, and loves, and loves, as if she never runs out, as if she never grows tired. Selfless, unconditional love, over and over. How she loves my father, how she loves us - her children. . . in so many ways, unimaginable. Knowing everything she's been through, oh I just think it's beyond compare. Apart from education, love is one of her greatest legacies, I hopefully will keep alive.

Ah yes, this perfectly describes her : she loves fiercely.

"A mother's love is a daughter's greatest treasure. A daughter's happiness is a mother's greatest desire. " 


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