Day 117 : Countdown #05 - Pink Ribbon Dreams

There are things deeply rooted in our hearts that just won't die easily - what we are most passionate about, what we love doing, what magnifies the skills and talents God has blessed us with. 

Today, I revisited our ICT Capstone Project : Breast Cancer Case Monitoring and Mapping System. I've never forgotten, but there are all too many details I must remember to bring this back to life. 

Strolling down memory lane - and I mean going through the details of our system, documentation and demo kit, even - was striking. Apart from being thoroughly amazed by how this capstone project came to be, I also revisited the memories of sleepless and highly toxic months, buckets of tears and sweat, a roller coaster of emotions, constant pray overs. . . tension and pressure combined, hard work, long stretch of patience and tolerance, and faith. From systems analysis and design to Thesis 2 - nearly 6 full terms of being hard pressed - everything was indeed worth it not just because of quantifiable results and obviously graduating, but because of how this phase has made a huge impact on my character, how it made me discover what I am capable of when I truly want to fulfill a dream, how it made me grow in faith and action. 

Our capstone project is one that I have invested so much time, heart and effort in; something that still holds the strongest force of drive and passion to date. I want this again. I want to be in that realm again, where I feel invincible, unstoppable and firing like a sub-machine gun with unlimited ammo. I'm ready for that phase, I've waited for so long. Until He says "it's time", I'll hold fast in faith. 

It's been more than a year of drought in different aspects, but somewhere in between lies the power of His grace of shaping me and today I reaffirm this statement : my due season is coming, as promised by the Lord. It's never too late, or too early. God's time is the best time. 
' Waiting time is never wasted time when God is involved. When your breakthrough does not come immediately, it is not because God has forgotten you or left you on the shelf. He is developing and building you, polishing you so that when the time is right, as with an arrow, He’ll unleash you. And like a skillfully crafted and honed arrow, you will hit the mark. ;
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